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Cottonsafe Bed Mattresses

Cottonsafe® Chemical Free Bed Mattresses available in x3 sizes: 90x190cm,140x190cm,150x200cm

 Cottonsafe®   Bed Mattresses

  •  Cottonsafe® Bed Mattresses have been developed specifically for people in the UK who care about what they sleep on, and that their mattresses should not only be Comfortable and Safe but also be delivered at an Affordable price.
  • The concept that lies behind this NEW range of mattresses will create an improved CHEMICAL FREE environment in your bedroom or wherever you sleep. Our unique 22cm thick pocket sprung bed mattresses have absolutely no add-on treatments, coatings or chemicals in either the fillings or on the casing that covers the mattress.
  • There are no chemicals, PBDE's or residues to be inhaled or absorbed into or onto your body. This is the revolutionary part of the process because it's been extremely difficult to have the mattress casing or cover free of chemical treatment due to UK law..
  • Another special feature of our  Cottonsafe® Bed Mattress range is that the mattress casing is made from ORGANIC COTTON. Our development process has been monitored and tested by a UKAS certified testing house for UK Fire Regulations.  
  •  Cottonsafe® Bed Mattresses are available in the same x3 sizes as our other chemical free products, Pure Choice and Futomats. All our mattresses are manufactured in the West Country with lots of attention given to detail, for instance, natural flax thread is used with felt washers to keep the fillings in place
  • When a mattress leaves our factory we want you to feel that COMFORT and SAFETY are assured elements of your bed mattress and with a 1 year Guarantee and 10 year extended manufacturers warranty you have undoubted value for money.
  • Flame and Fire Retardant chemicals are not healthy and putting your head and body near them carries risk, why bother? A  Cottonsafe® Bed Mattress is a New, Safe way to sleep.  
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Single 90x190x22cms  w/561 pocket springs

Double 140x190x22cms w/858 pocket springs

Queen 150x200x22cms w/1015 pocket springs 

Each and every one of the Pure Choice bed mattresses we make in our UK factory features a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Delivery will take 5-7 working days.

As with all our products we take a lot of care in using the best packaging materials 

 Caring for Your CottonSafe Bed Mattress

The first few weeks Initially your new mattress may seem rather firm. Allow about a month to get used to the mattress. All new materials, including the natural filling, have their own particular smell, which will gradually disappear. Airing the mattress will help to eliminate the smell.

Turn the mattress regularly Settlement of fillings is normal in handmade mattresses and is not a manufacturing fault. The fillings in our mattresses will mould to the shape of your body over the first few weeks of use. This will enhance the comfort and support the mattress provides. It’s important to turn your mattress regularly to aid even filling settlement and to prolong the mattress life. We recommend turning your mattress from side to side and end to end fortnightly for the first four months, after that once every month. Turning the mattress is easier with two people, best to eliminate any risk to yourself and the mattress.

Use a mattress protector We recommend a mattress protector. If cleaning is unavoidable, do not use detergents as they may bleach or disintegrate the fabric. Never soak the material – simply use a damp (but NOT wet) cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly before remaking the bed with sheets.

Do not bend or roll the mattress If you do bend or roll the mattress it is likely to damage the spring units and invalidate your guarantee. Also, your mattress is not a trampoline – please do not allow it to be used as such as it may dislodge the springs from their pockets.

Air the mattress It is important to let your bed breath to allow moisture to dissipate as one body produces over a pint of moisture during the night. Turning down your bed clothes in the morning will allow the bed to air.

Use on a bed base The mattress is not designed to be used without a bed base. Check that the bed base is undamaged and supportive or this could affect your guarantee. If the mattress is used on a slatted base, the slats need to be approximately 7.5cm apart.    


CottonSafe Bed Mattresses – One year Guarantee and Ten year Extended Warranty

1.       CottonSafe Bed Mattresses are guaranteed for one year and have a ten year extended warranty.

2.       Each mattress is supplied with care instructions. Failure to adhere to the care instructions may invalidate the guarantee.

3.       Each mattress is supplied with a warranty registration form which must be completed and returned within 14 days.

4.       In the unlikely event that you do have a warranty claim, we will require a photograph of the fault to forward to the manufacturers who can then authorise immediate action for the warranty claim.

5.       There will be charges applied to warranty claims after the first 12 months.

6.       Any claims made after the first 12 months are subject to transport charges. 


If you should receive the goods and wish to return them for any reason other than a fault, the goods must return within the statutory 14 days from delivery. You are then responsible for ensuring the item is packaged in the original packaging in a way that it arrives back to us in perfect condition. When this is done, you will be credited for the value of the goods. However we will recover the cost of return which would be £80 per item deducted from the refund amount. If an exchange is required, we will recover the cost of return and re-delivery which would be £110. Please also note that if the returned goods are damaged by the couriers we will be unable to make a full refund.

By law once a mattress has been removed from it’s bag it cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. The mattress can be used as it would be in a showroom (i.e sat on) but cannot be slept on. If a mattress has been removed and sat on (but not slept on) it can be returned, however, we will charge £50 to recover the collection charge. If an exchange is required we will recover the cost of return and re-delivery which would be £80. Please also note that is the returned goods are damaged by the courier we will be unable to make a full refund.



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