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Futon&Bed Mattresses

Futon Mattresses & Bed Mattresses 

          Futon Mattresses

  • If your futon mattress has seen better days but the frame is still OK we offer a simple solution, get a new futon lease of life with a replacement futon mattresses. How you feel about your mattress usually defies easy description and futon mattresses are no different, but, at we have a wide range to ensure there's something from our selection to suit your particular requirements.
  • The past 30 years has seen a massive improvement in overall quality of naturally filled futon mattresses. Better, more varied fillings are now lighter and stronger, production methods have changed and modern methods have led to improved retention of mattress shape and form. Greater variety in the range gives scope to aid and provide solutions for customers with individual needs. Most of our fillings are natural but we do use man made materials where appropriate, if a customer asks for a  futon mattress that needs a quick recovery from body "impressions" or needs to be particularly light, we can suggest a model and in different sizes.
  • Our futon mattress range is precision cut to size and pre compressed to avoid compacting and lumpiness. Hand finished and made in the UK, our videos demonstrate the care we like to take in providing naturally filled futon mattresses that are manageable and flexible. We like to be responsive and helpful, if you have a question please email: or call 020 7223 7212 

            Bed Mattresses 

  • Our belief that it's important to offer healthy mattresses which must be also comfortable and affordable set us a formidable challenge. To say its taken over 2 years to devise, sample, source materials and then manufacture with textiles that are new to the market would be an achievement but it doesn't tell the most difficult part of the story. The UK has in place Fire Retardent legislation, these laws have standards that require a lot of testing but we stuck to our task and have the required certification, I'm pleased to say.
  • If you are interested in the debate that rages regarding Fire or Flame Retardents and their effects please have a look at the videos on these pages.
  • To make a mattress with a cover that was LEGALLY CHEMICAL FREE is a sucess story for Woodbury in Devon. 
  • Just to show how much we care about choice and that our customers should be able to choose what will suit them and their desire for comfort, we have Chemical Free Covers available in either CottonSafe or Pure Choice. Click on the product pages for more information.
  • If you would like further information regarding our mattresses, why not check out our Ultimate Futon Buying Guide'