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Mattress Toppers

Like most domestic items there are usually at least two options. Firstly there are those that are made for the mass market and are sold with price in mind. However, when items that serve a useful purpose and are well received often attract manufacturers who want to serve a more discerning customer, people that are prepared to pay more for something that uses better materials, and lasts longer.

When considering buying a topper, if you share a bed, we recommend speaking to your bed mate or partner. You may have different preferences and it could be the best point in time to sort out who wants what for how their bed feels. For instance aching joints and muscles or a recent hip or knee operation may benefit by having a firm topper. One of you may have trouble falling asleep and need a surface different to their partner.

What's very important is to keep in mind that a topper isn’t a quick fix solution for an uncomfortable mattress. Far better to save up more money and take your time for a measured approach and a more connsidered decision. The mass market offers many cheap toppers but beware a short term solution.

Buying toppers filled with polyester, foam or feathers and down needs careful research. The same caution needs to be applied to memory foam, the better varieties are denser and a high quality filling but expensive, cheaper memory foam can emit odours and also lead to bodies overheating. These are the kind of materials that can readily break down so feel lumpy and bumpy after a short period of time and will do little but mask or hide a fundamental problem with an existing mattress.

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