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Multifuctional UNIQUE

Multifuctional UNIQUE


The IStyle range has many categories but the underlying theme throughout is the quality of design, colour and impression the textiles give to prospective customers. Always the ease of use or functionality is an important feature so the overall impression is that these are Multifunctional Unique Sofa Beds.

Within this category are x4 models, ranging in size from large single to full size double, this translates to 110x200cm up to 140x210cm. 

Innovation expertise is derived from over 40 years manufacturing and being a global brand. Assembly is straightforward and that process is helped by easy to follow pictograms and if there's anything you don't follow you can call a member of the team and expertise will be provided to guide you through to completing the task at hand.

After assembly we’re sure you will be pleased. The palette of colours on offer is ultra modern and compliments the textures of the various textiles. In all there are x36 colour ways for the x7 types of fabric.

Uniqueness comes in many forms, for instance the Wing. This model  was designed and developed in 2004 by the team and since then been copied many times but never bettered. Another design Long Horn developed in 2008 comes back into production by popular demand,proving the point that we listen to our customers. 

Another unique feature is the way the sofa bed feels when upright as a sofa, the firm support feels “healthy”, in contrast to the generally foam filled UK sofa beds that are comparatively softer.. 

Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed

Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed

The Puzzle Wood Sofa Bed is part of the "Unique" category of Innovation Randers product range. Created in 2004 by ...

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