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Pure Choice Bed Mattress

Pure Choice Bed Mattress

  • PURE CHOICE bed mattresses are totally chemical free and have been developed as a result of concerns by people about the use of harmful toxins in the Fire Retardent (FR) chemicals found in household items such as upholstery, carpets, sofas and mattresses.
  • Since the late '80's the powerful chemical industry has been able to dominate the argument about the usefulness of treating our "used everyday" products in the home, they claim that by treating, products are safer and will protect lives. No evidence has been shown to endorse such claims and in the meantime we havehad to put up with being surrounded by a potentially harmful mix of Bromide, PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ether) and Borax. Some of these chemicals have been banned in Europe recently, but these elements build up in the body and cannot be got rid of, neurological and reproductive damage can be a result.
  • Research is paramount and we have taken steps to help by finding a way to make a bed mattress without using  any materials that have been treated with nasty irritating chemicals. 
  • Why should we be exposed to harmful substances, when we don't have to be? Answer is, we don't? We have found a way to produce a really comfortable 22cms thick bed mattress without any treatments, coatings or chemicals  inside or on the outside cover. This healthy option points the way forward and in an economical way.
  • The PURE CHOICE mattress is completely safe for you and your family. This new range has been tested throughout the course of development by a mandated testing facility to make sure each and every mattress conforms to the rigourous UK Fire Regulations.
  • Best of all this mattress is medium firm and supports the heavier parts of your body i.e. hips and shoulders and this helps keep the spine aligned which is crucial for BETTER SLEEP and in turn helps to eliminate backache and stiffness.
  • Every order is made and hand finished in our factory here in the UK, even the tufts that keep filling in place are natural. You spend a lot of time on your mattress and we think you should have the opportunity to have a chemical free bed mattress at an AFFORDABLE PRICE, in essence it's a PURE CHOICE.

If you'd like to know more about chemical free & organic mattresses and how they can improve your sleep & health, take a look at our comprehensive guide. 


Pure Choice Bed Mattresses

Pure Choice Bed Mattresses

PURE CHOICE CHEMICAL FREE BED MATTRESS Our NEW Pure Choice bed mattress is CHEMICAL FREE and will give you and your family an opportunity to sleep on ...

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