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Wooden Futon Beds

Wooden Beds  

  • Our selection of Wooden Beds have been chosen to complement the different types of mattresses we offer.    
  • The choices in the range have certain things in common and principle amongst these is being a comfortable sleeping surface when used in conjunction with either a futon mattress or our unique Chemical Free bed mattresses, as opposed to a traditional spring or foam mattress.
  • It's crucial to have a bed with a slatted surface when mattresses are being used for sleeping as ventilation plays a key part in a healthy sleeping environment. When air can circulate around the bed it will help to keep the mattress healthy and suitable for restorative sleep.
  • It's never a good idea to put a futon mattress filled with natural fibres on the floor as sweat/perspiration will get trapped between the mattress and the floor, if that happens fungus will certainly grow and the end result will be horrible black patches on the mattress.
  • Wooden beds are mostly but not exclusively low level, when a mattress is on top of your futon bed frame the combined height will be about 15-18" or 40-45cms. Contemporary mattresses are lighter than they used to be so flipping the mattress is more manageable and worth doing.
  • Any of our comprehensive range of mattresses are suitable for use with our wooden beds and given the fillings we use will help keep the spine aligned and help support hips and shoulders, it can be concluded that our wooden beds will help to alleviate back problems.


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