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WELCOME  We're here to help you on your journey for BETTER SLEEP.  We feel it's crucial for well being that where you sit and sleep is a healthy safe space. Since 1980 our focus has been centred around sofa beds and have always thought highly of their versatility and space saving  functionality. The brochure on the left from one of our Danish suppliers KARUP is an exciting new addition in the UK, Have a look and bookmark the page number and if you need a quote or further information please call or email, details in the footer. I'd like you to be curious when browsing the site, check out the links and if you are viewing on a tablet or phone keep an eye in the browser as image alt tags or other useful information can be seen there. The GREEN framed box under the big photo gallery above is my pride and joy, click "view all" and see some kind words about my company and more importantly what customers think of the product range. There's a lot because I've been doing this sofa bed thing a long time.    

Open for Business 1980 - 2022 i.e. today 


About Our Products

our products
Mattress Fillings

Our fillings for mattresses include lamb’s wool, coir, latex and cotton, natural fibres that are used without treatments and processes.

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Sofa Beds

Since 1980 our business has revolved around furniture generally but Sofa Beds in particular. Having done my fair share of travelling

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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are few in number but they all share a commitment to create exceptional products. When writing about Sofa Beds

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If you care about the health of your family and friends and indeed yourself then a central part of the conversation should be what

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