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About Us

About u220px-Cotton_Harlequin_Bugss refers to Mirthglen Ltd. the parent company of www.futonsonline.co.uk that was formed in 1980. Starting as an independent specialist futon company then being involved in the manufacture and retailing of futon furniture. Initially “futons” were a category in the furniture industry, but not well known but that  situation changed steadily. Over the next 20 years futon products could be found on most high streets and in many department stores world wide. The futon niche in the furniture world was secure.

  • We believe futon sofa beds are unique with enormous potential. Not a disposable product with built-in obsolescence. Negativity is a way catalogue companies and supermarkets tend to regard ready to assemble furniture.
  • Mirthglen Ltd. grew to be a company with six shops spread across UK, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Furthermore our experiences to design wood and metal futon sofa beds contributed to the breakthrough of quality futon products.  Comfort and durability at affordable price points is our motto.
  • In the past two decades Asian companies with modern facilities have made a good job of manufacturing wooden and steel futon frames. Another reason why they have a virtual monopoly of supply.
  • Our range of frames reflects the diversity that currently exists.  Most noteworthy is all our futon mattresses are hand made in the UK.

A critical feature about us is the fillings in use for our mattresses.  We feel it’s important to embrace the cutting edge of natural fibre technology. Many customers have been surprised by the advances of contemporary futon mattresses. They look neater, are much lighter and last longer. These positive attributes make “convertible” furniture an ideal option that will not disappoint. Worldwide, people have realised a futon offers an excellent sleeping and sitting surface at a realistic price. So futons compare favourably to alternative sofa beds. Often other designs have limitations when used as a bed. Most of all because the mattresses use a block of foam that has to squeeze under the sitting surface.
As an environmentally aware company we realise timber is a scarce resource. So we make every effort to find suppliers that use renewable resources. www.futonsonline.co.uk set up as an e-commerce site in 1999. Our extensive retailing experience enabled us to continue offering a range of futon products that are versatile, healthy and affordable. We consider ourselves to be friendly and a service orientated company.  Also if a customer wants information we will respond quickly to telephone calls and letters. Or email to the addresses you can find below.

Privacy Policy and Data Handling
Mirthglen Ltd. t/a futonsonline.co.uk have adopted a Privacy Policy that seeks to protect your personal details and reduce the risk of fraud at all times. We take our role in handling your personal information very seriously and will only use your information within the terms of this Privacy Policy. We will not sell or rent your personal details to any third parties. To make our transaction you will need to supply your name, address, telephone number, email address, order details and card details for payment, and nothing more.

Our use of personal information
You agree that we may use your personal information to:
1)   Provide the services and customer support you request.
2)   Resolve disputes and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
3)   Deliver targeted marketing offers only from futonsonline.co.uk

Information Security
We will ensure personal information will not be stored anywhere, longer than is necessary, and is only used for a particular payment transaction with our highly regarded Card Merchant, PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg.
Your personal information will not be saved locally to a hard drive on a personal computer owned by futonsonline.co.uk or where that site is hosted or written down where it can be seen by anyone other than directors of futonsonline.co.uk. We as a company are committed to handling your details with a high standard of information security including computer safeguards. At no time will an employee of futonsonline.co.uk contact you to discuss your order unless authorised by me Keith Holleyman owner of futonsonline.co.uk.

Transaction/System Security
Collection of personal data and financial details will only be collected by futonsonline.co.uk when a sale is made and the customer wants to make use of PayPal’s Virtual Terminal, an “over the telephone” service exactly the same as customers would use in a store when purchasing a product and use a credit card machine.
The use of customer personal information and financial details is specific to one particular sale only.  That information is put into a sales log and immediately processed as an online sale and the customer receives a courtesy email acknowledging the order and a personal email that has an invoice attached and delivery date confirmed.
The personal data and financial information is kept under secure conditions in a manned or locked office until all accounting procedures have been carried out at which time it is shredded and then disposed. futonsonline.co.uk is a family run company with no employees other than those in the family. There is no question or opportunities for data and information to be accessed other than by the directors of the company.
Adherence to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards is an obligation for futonsonline.co.uk and seeks to assure our customers that when their personal information is handled by us it will be done with a desire to look out for the safety and well being of that data. For a company of our size PCI validation requires completing an Annual PCI Self Assessment  Questionnaire and a Quarterly Network Scan. Data security is maintained through a firewall and anti virus software is in place and updated regularly. Robust physical access control measures are in place and only directors of the company have access to cardholders information.

Encryption and Data Storage
The security of your data, money and the transaction between us is of paramount importance and the PayPal Fraud Protection Services that uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the vehicle that establishes trust and integrity between the involved parties when conducting e-commerce transactions. Our customers can be assured that the website they are dealing with is genuine and any shared data is kept private and confidential.
You can be completely assured that any personal data passed to PayPal servers cannot be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information. There is an automatic process of encryption when data is in transit from our computer to PayPal servers. These PayPal servers are protected by a monitored electronic firewall, are not connected directly to the internet and your private information is available only to authorised computers.

About Us: Fraud prevention
Everyone that uses e-commerce sites is concerned about identity theft and online fraud and as a result we are indebted to PayPal and their seriousness in tackling these threats. Prevention of fraudulent activity is enhaced by the use of AVS(Address Verification System) and risk models that help detect and predict fraudulent transactions.

To discuss these policies please either call 020 7223 7212, e-mail: keith@futonsonline.co.uk
or write to:
24 Beauchamp Road
SW11 1PQ

We review these policies and our systems on a regular basis in our efforts to keep your information safe. You’ll be pleased to hear that during the past 30 years there has not been a single instance of any issues regarding privacy intrusion.

Customer Service
Our customers can be assured they will be treated with politeness and respect when dealing with futonsonline.co.uk. We are confident about our range of products and their value for money, consequently we feel that if an honest and open approach is taken the whole experience and transaction will be a positive experience. A lot of the product pages contain feedback from satisfied customers and their comments reflect the nature of doing business with a specialist futon company that has lasted over 30 years.
Some times prospective customers email or phone and are not sure the best way to proceed, are looking for information before deciding or know what they’d like but are not quite ready to purchase and I always try to be as open minded and understanding as I can. I don’t like to push customers into decisions but after a protracted correspondence and then a time gap, I wonder, so might email the customer, and in the following case the reply was self explanatory.

Hi Keith,
No, you certainly haven’t put me off buying a futon mattress. Quite the opposite. Your website is really good and your personal advice is really helpful thanks. I am just delaying purchasing one, because we have just agreed a sale on our house and I’m waiting until we find a new home before deciding if I need a mattress. If I do, I promise I will contact you again.
Thanks again for all your help. Great customer service. All the best,  Julian Kinder

Delivery Service
futonsonline.co.uk can directly deliver your order to a home or work address anywhere in the UK, and seek to do so within a 3-5 working day time frame. You will find our prices very competitive and can be seen on all the product pages within the website. Saturday deliveries are usually before 1 p.m. but do cost a little extra. Deliveries to N.Ireland, Scottish Islands and other offshore UK islands also cost more than mainland deliveries. We use reputable courier companies and can request an a.m. or p.m. delivery if that helps your requirements.
If necessary on request I can take delivery of your order and you can pick up from me in Battersea, London SW11 1PQ at no extra cost.
Comprehensive details regarding deliveries can be found by following the link below:

Returns , Refunds and Cancellations Policy
Our returns, refunds and cancellation policies are detailed in the Terms and Conditions category linked from the Home Page of this website or the following link:

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