Are You Making This Elementary Futon Sofa Bed Buyers Mistake?

Some people spend a lot of thought and time when buying their new bed or sofa. Wandering around local stores or shopping malls at weekends becomes a ritual or an obsession, looking at swatch books that weigh a ton, considering size, patterns and if they remember, comfort.

And so they should.

But, when it comes to buying a futon via the internet, many people abandon that rigorous buying process and it’s thrown out of the window.
Often, it’s simply a case of looking “online” for something that looks “okay” in a picture, is available at an okay price, and is in stock. If all those boxes are ticked, credit card details are entered without further thought.

Avoid This Key Pitfall When Buying A Futon

Even if you do look beyond price and convenience when buying an occasional bed, it’s often easy to overlook this key consideration.

How practical will your futon sofa bed be in its designated room.  How models and designs open and close is a key element of whether it will be suitable in a particular space or area. It’s fair to say futons are versatile and there are always choices to solve any potential problem regarding sitting and sleeping.

You see, buying a sofa bed is not the same as buying a normal bed. A normal bed is given the central space in a bedroom. When you buy it, you take into account if you can fit that size bed into the room, with room to move around it comfortably.

But this is not always the case with a futon purchase. Your new futon sofa bed may look great sitting against the wall as a sofa.   But imagine the situation at three in the morning when your guest tries to get out of what is now a futon bed to negotiate their way to the bathroom, and the sofa bed is so large it’s blocking their way. If some thought about size when out as a bed as well as a sofa had been taken initially, it could have prevented the awkward situation! Moral of this story is Size Matters.

Take Space For Your Futon Seriously

Although presented humorously, there is a serious point here. It’s important for the comfort of your guests that you take into account the size of your bed when in use.

The space around the sofa bed should be at least 2 feet (60 cm) on three sides, consequently people laying in or on it can get up and navigate their way around without risk of injury.

If you do your homework, you can buy a futon that not only looks great, but will also deliver a high quality sleeping surface for your guests, and, that works practically in your home. Most futon frames and mattresses are available in various sizes.

For expert advice from the best place to buy a futon, including discussing sizes and comfort, please feel free to contact  directly so that we can assist you in your buying decision.

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