Can I Use A Futon As A Normal Sofa?

When people are considering the purchase of a futon sometimes there’s confusion about understanding how good it will be when being used for sitting as well as sleeping.

The confusion issue stems from a lack of clarity when the following question is asked:

“What is a futon?”

Initially decide if you’re new futon will function in its dual role of being an everyday sofa bed, so be clear what a futon actually is.

Understanding Exactly What A Futon Is

At its simplest, a futon is a wood or metal frame that can be converted from a sofa position that provides seating space, to laying flat for use as a bed. The futon mattress sits on top of the frame, to provide comfort when being used either for sitting or sleeping.

So your futon is a multi-functional piece of furniture that’s a bed frame with a mattress, which can be converted to provide sitting space.

The design of a futon means that the mattress itself provides both the sleeping surface and the sitting surface. This is very different to any other type of sofa bed, where the mattress itself has to be hidden within the sofa and is pulled out to be used after removing seating parts and cushions.

Factors That Will Allow You To Use A Futon As An Everyday Sofa

Customer surveys have shown that owner satisfaction tends to increase in line with futon mattress thickness. The owner satisfaction increases further when those thicker mattresses are filled with natural materials that help the mattress keep its shape and form.

What customer surveys also show is that satisfaction levels rise dramatically when 3 seat futon frames have a futon mattress that is at least 8”/19cm thick, these are considered to be specialist mattresses.

So in terms of getting good quality restorative sleep you should be looking at investing in a futon mattress that contains mostly natural fibres and is hand finished.

With regard to the futon frame, owner satisfaction rises with the purchase of high-quality wooden frames that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are easy to convert from sofa to bed and vice versa. When frames are made from quality materials and are visually pleasing and feel solid to sit on, you are giving yourself the best multi-purpose experience. Wooden frames are also available with arms, which can add to the lounging experience and another element to fulfill the role of use as a daily sofa.

When buying a futon that will provide a long-term sitting/seating solution the same factors mentioned about the frame will apply to the mattress. A better quality mattress will last longer be more comfortable and give you the support your body needs when either sitting or sleeping.

So when you are looking for a futon that provides excellent sitting and sleeping qualities, remember to invest in a futon frame and futon mattress that meet the criteria we have discussed. specialise in sourcing and supplying incredibly high quality futons that will give you a value for money long-lasting purchase that delivers on comfort for years to come.

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