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Fibrefill filling top and bottom

Modern Mattress Filling = Fibrefill

Fibrefill is a recyclable filling for many items however the focus here, is Innovation Living mattresses.

Cotton v Fibrefill

  • First of all as a manufacturer Innovation are always conscious of the environment.
  • Therefore they desire to leave as small a footprint on Planet Earth as possible. As a UK stockist of the Innovation brand like to broadcast the positive forward thinking changes as rolled out.
  • So, the latest change will push Innovation into an even more exalted position of Eco friendly businesses.
  • For many years cotton was in use as a filling for some of the One Room Living range of mattresses. Cotton has several useful qualities as a convertible sofa bed filling. But the challenge is to find better fillings.
  • To find a progressive alternative is progress for the consumer and manufacturer.
  • Cotton however has drawbacks, it’s heavy, it compacts and the toll on the soil where cotton grows is severe. Water consumption of the crop is massive. The conclusion was clear, too many resources were compromised and its use had lost value.
  • Consequently, for some time there has been a search for an alternative that will provide significant change. Most noteworthy was the search to find a filling with characteristics to be more useful in the recycle sense.
  • Fibrefill_Spring_Mattress_replaces_Cotton

The fibrefill Innovation use is Oeko-Tex® certified. Since to recycle is important for Innovation Living it will come as no surprise to see that their care for the Environment is essential. I have been to the Danish facility in Randers and the commitment to excellent work conditions hence provision of a clean environment for all is impressive.
Also, fibrefill is better at retaining its form and shape within the mattress. Most of all the mattress has a longer life and more comfort for the customer over a longer period.
Furthermore the company see adhering to the EUs “REACH” standards as critical. Adopting these regulations will improve the protection of human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals.

Environmental compliance

There’s an obligation for Innovation to continually raise the levels for their environmental profile. All recyclable materials are in reuse for other productions. Consequently their residual, combustible waste reduces the impact on the environment. Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of these technologies.
Especially relevant when distributing to over 88 countries is the importance placed on reducing the environmental impact of logistics stemming from CO 2 emissions. To minimise pollution, their sofa beds are flat-packed. Producing at regional facilities reduces the distances of transportation.
As a result the company reduces packaging to the minimum needed for safe transportation.
In conclusion Innovation Living has inter-generational families in senior management they are conscious of the need to try and hand a better environment to the next generation.

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Autumn Newsletter

Autumn leaves

Autumn Newsletter Memory of the Month: Tales of a Futoneer

The Futon Expert likes to give a bit of historical reference so that’s an aim of this Autumn Newsletter. Here in the UK during the late 1960’s and early 70’s there was a trend for sculptured foam furniture. These adaptable pieces of upholstered foam were different shapes and sizes and could be connected to form all sorts of seating arrangements suitable for different areas in the home.

The concept passed into oblivion, but many of those shops turned into futon stores. As an importer/distributor in those long gone days I got to know some of the people involved and was impressed by how they were using their shops to make futon mattresses in their basements and back rooms. Futon demand was growing and by the end of the ’70’s another skill set evolved and ended up creating more sophisticated wooden futon frames made from a variety of timbers including Oak, Birch and Beech. Image below.

Scandinavia and Canada had mastered “steam bending” Beech wood, so arms on frames were giving a glimpse of the style and elegance to come in the following decade. At this point there was a mood across Europe and North America for 3 seat futon frames. In the space of about 15 years “futons” had transitioned from a homemade bed and part time sofa into a trendy sofa bed that found a foothold worldwide, from Riga in Latvia to Perth Australia.

Like most products that start as a great idea and end in the mainstream. the journey is usually full of compromises. However steady improvements were the order of the day but global demand at a time when China was mass producing steel, brought about the 3 seat metal futon frame, image below. The unit price fell but so did people’s expectations. The Autumn Newsletter helps to explain the value that was easy to see for so long suddenly evaporated, if Argos or Ikea dominate the market, quality suffers and the futon “industry” was no different. A metal 3 seat futon frame with a skinny futon mattress is light years away from the crafted, unique comfy sofa bed that was the original idea.

Over the course of the past 4 decades or so the futon world has risen from obscurity to become part of the furniture mainstream. The situation today as explained in the Autumn Newsletter is that the negative fall out after the Banking Crisis 9 years ago put a brake on demand. Going back 12 -15 years my business used to import worldwide and supply at least 10 independent futon stores in North London alone. The multiple chain stores all ran futon lines but the massive shake out has left just one independent store in that massive area.

trinity-wsteam-bent-arms                    nordic-3seat-sofa

Autumn Newsletter: Sleep Benefits

The diverse stresses of daily life can cause reactions which in turn have a direct impact on our ability to relax and get the sleep that our body needs to revive and restore itself into some sort of equilibrium.

Busy lifestyle, financial concerns, work issues or family stresses all cause our sleep patterns to become disturbed. Fractured sleep can lead to constant tiredness, lack of concentration and onset of depression. Recent research shows that our health can be deeply affected by a lack of quality sleep, leading to long term physical problems and draining the joy from life. I think it’s fair to say we all spend time lying awake mentally creating to-do lists, rehashing disagreements or trying to find ways to resolve work problems, the answer may be in teaching yourself a simple relaxation technique.

Lets face it, it’s a challenge at any age learning and developing techniques that will help you let go of anxiety and focus on calm, restful thoughts. But if we try there will be benefits that will help and hopefully become an important part of making sure your sleep is good quality and restorative, preparing you for the next day. The practice of mindful meditation teaches a routine of calming the mind by focusing on the moment and being fully present in that space and time. The essential core sensation encourages relaxation by encompassing everything in that moment, free from the distractions of past and present.

The way to start is concentrate on breathing and recognise the sounds and sensations around those breaths. By focusing fully on awareness of self at the time, you will find a way to block other anxieties, and with repetition they will slowly recede. Twenty minutes of mindful meditation a day can help alleviate insomnia, fatigue, depression and pain symptoms. Practicing the technique creates a calming relaxation reflex that can then be tapped into at night when those pressures we mentioned earlier keep us awake. To get started with mindful meditation, try these simple rules:-

* Try the technique away from your bed. It’s important this form of relaxation doesn’t become associated with your insomnia before it can be used to combat it, so learn the habit at another quiet point of your day.

* When meditating, explore the experience of being in your body as it lives in the world. Allow your mind to hear, feel and fully sense your surroundings, gradually build a sequence of events.

* It’s important to do the meditation while sitting up and so avoid accidentally falling asleep and losing the moment.

* If you find you become distracted, gently pull your mind back to the meditation. Be patient with yourself, it’s not any kind of ‘failure’ but learning about your mind and emotions.

* A gentle repeated noise such as “omm” or hum may help you to concentrate on your meditation.

Mindful meditation reportedly assists people in feeling a better sense of mental well being and can be used to clear the mind of worries at night time. If you find yourself awake at night, try putting your newly learned ‘relaxation technique’ into action.

The Newsletter that Tries NOT to be as DRY as DUST

Cubed Deluxe 140 with Arm

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Duvet Upgrade for a Spot of Luxury

Goose feather and down quilt

Duvet warmth is a comforting feeling most people welcome. After a long day at the office or other work most are ready for warm, snuggled up sleep. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you get into bed and curl up under your duvet. Consequently that hard to define sensation gives a sense of well being and satisfaction. It’s pure joy when you wrap the thick duvet around you for comfort or simply to keep out the winter chill. A night on the sofa with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and a familiar duvet can right plenty of weekday woes and leave us feeling rejuvenated.

Most households now use duvets as bed coverings rather than sheets and blankets. But, despite spending 8-10 hours a day in its company, we give little thought to duvet quality. In addition we think very little about whether its the perfect one for us. Bed clothes are often chosen for design or price yet duvets can go for years without thought for replacing. Washing a duvet is an infrequent task due to the general inconvenience of doing so. But due to technology changing in recent years you can now have a duvet perfectly suited to your needs. At a reasonable cost personal warmth and weight requirements will enhance your sleep and make rest time more effective.

Duvet tips

A luxury duvet, has many benefits over the traditional duvets that have been in our homes for years. While wadding has replaced feathers in recent decades, thankfully. Goose down and feather duvets are now popular and affordable. The market for luxurious machine washable bed covers is massive. Duvets that repel dust mite infestations and have anti-bacterial properties should be a “must have”. With dust mite and bacteria reduction, allergies and odours are also minimised. Another Furthermore the new style filling wicks away moisture and helps regulate the sleeper’s temperature. The result is a cleaner, healthier and more body friendly night of sleep. The sleeper is able to maintain a core temperature easily and breathe naturally.

Goose down and feather duvets can be easily washed and cared for at home in a normal washing machine. They are the ideal treat for anyone who loves their bed and wants to have the perfect night of sleep!

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Keeping Your Futon Cover in Good Shape.

Duck Egg Tibetan Fabric

If your futon is a main part of your living room furniture, taking some extra precautions to keep the cover in good condition is a great idea. The basic mattress cover is non-removal on most futons and adding a casing is the perfect way to add longevity. A futon casing can be coloured or patterned or in a number of speciality fabrics such a chenille or suede, making it an ideal way to further personalise your futon with a colour and feel that makes it unique to your room design.

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Create the perfect bedroom with Feng Shui

feng shui

The bedroom is arguably the room in your home which has to fulfil the most diverse roles. Therefore arranging it in a way that satisfies the various functions can be quite challenging. It’s a room in which we sleep, recuperate, relax and wake up, then on top of those things this same space needs to be a place of passion and sensuality for most people.

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Refresh or Revamp Your Room Think Screen – Part 1.

Matsu Natural 4 panel Room Divider

Spring is a fabulous time to give a room a makeover, and refreshing the feel of your living space or bedroom is extremely rewarding. As the days start to get lighter and we emerge from hibernation, a fresh start can become the focus of our lifestyle. An easy win might be had by using a screen as part of the revamp.

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Helping Teenagers Sleep Well

Teenagers sleeping well

New research highlights the dangers that teens having poor sleep patterns can trigger; the distractions of modern life – computers, phones and constant online interaction, further disrupts sleeping habits that are already disturbed by changing hormones. As they move from the child phase to adult life, low quality sleep and simply not enough time to sleep deeply and well seriously affects daily life and can trigger serious concerns for young adults. Drugs, alcohol problems and poor decisions regarding casual relationships can be linked to teens finding it difficult to adapt their own rest needs as they mature.

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Make Your Home Perfect for Guests

Perfect room for guests

As the holiday season ends for another year and our homes return to normal, it’s worth considering some of the difficulties that arise when trying to find places to sleep the family members and friends with whom we share special occasions. Many homes no longer have the luxury of a designated spare bedroom as working from home often means using that space as an office.

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