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Fibrefill is a recyclable filling for many items however the focus here, is Innovation Living mattresses.

Cotton v Fibrefill

  • First of all as a manufacturer Innovation are always conscious of the environment.
  • Therefore they desire to leave as small a footprint on Planet Earth as possible. As a UK stockist of the Innovation brand like to broadcast the positive forward thinking changes as rolled out.
  • So, the latest change will push Innovation into an even more exalted position of eco friendly businesses.
  • For many years cotton was in use as a filling for some of the One Room Living range of mattresses. Cotton has several useful qualities as a convertible sofa bed filling. But the challenge is to find better fillings.
  • To find a progressive alternative is progress for the consumer and manufacturer.
  • Cotton however has drawbacks, it’s heavy, it compacts and the toll on the soil where cotton grows is severe. Water consumption of the crop is massive. The conclusion was clear, too many resources were compromised and its use had lost value.
  • Consequently, for some time there has been a search for an alternative that will provide significant change. Most noteworthy was the search to find a filling with characteristics to be more useful in the recycle sense.
  • Fibrefill_Spring_Mattress_replaces_Cotton

Fibrefill and Oeko-Tex®

The fiberfill Innovation use is Oeko-Tex® certified. Since to recycle is important for Innovation Living it will come as no surprise to see that their care for the Environment is essential. I have been to the Danish facility in Randers and the commitment to excellent work conditions hence provision of a clean environment for all is impressive.
Also, fibrefill is better at retaining its form and shape within the mattress. Most of all the mattress has a longer life and more comfort for the customer over a longer period.
Furthermore the company see adhering to the EUs “REACH” standards as critical. Adopting these regulations will improve the protection of human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals.

Environmental compliance

There’s an obligation for Innovation to continually raise the levels for their environmental profile. All recyclable materials are in reuse for other productions. Consequently their residual, combustible waste reduces the impact on the environment. Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of these technologies.
Especially relevant when distributing to over 88 countries is the importance placed on reducing the environmental impact of logistics stemming from CO2 emissions. To minimize pollution, their sofa beds are flat-packed. Producing at regional facilities reduces the distances of transportation.
As a result the company reduces packaging to the minimum needed for safe transportation.
In conclusion Innovation Living has inter-generational families in senior management they are conscious of the need to try and hand a better environment to the next generation.

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Create the perfect bedroom with Feng Shui

feng shui

The bedroom is arguably the room in your home which has to fulfil the most diverse roles. Therefore arranging it in a way that satisfies the various functions can be quite challenging. It’s a room in which we sleep, recuperate, relax and wake up, then on top of those things this same space needs to be a place of passion and sensuality for most people.

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Refresh Your Room

All-you-need-Sofa-Bed- w _storage

Ideas for a room change

Refresh your room and give it a spring revamp.

  • This is a great way to lift your spirits and focus on a fresh start for your home.
  • In a previous blog we looked at replacing and repurposing furniture that no longer fits the style of a room in your home.
  • So upgrade to a contemporary wooden bed frame with a more comfortable mattress.
  • Room dividers can use space creatively while hiding unwelcome clutter from view.
  • In addition it greatly improves the look and functionality of a room as well as being a fabulous interior décor accessory.

Storage ideas change the look of a room

If you are replacing seating with a futon, there are lots to choose from. Traditional wood frame varieties fit with a cottage style room and blend perfectly with floral or feminine design. Finding a classic style of futon with integral storage makes storage of bedding easy. Furthermore offers the opportunity to discreetly store supplies of hobby materials, DVDs or magazines.

For a more modern look, a metal framed futon in a 2 or 3 seat configurations blend perfectly with a simple, minimalist or masculine décor style. If you want to upgrade a bedroom, the same basic approach applies so have a look at this.

  • Decide on the essential pieces of furniture in the room.
  • Then use the rest of the room to compliment your furniture and support the focal point.
  • A traditional approach to a room is to decorate in a way that stays the same through the year.
  • Current lifestyle trends advocate a seasonal approach that reflects the character of the person. This enables alterations to echo the wider world.
  • Because curtains, blinds and rugs may need to be permanent features due to cost and storage constraints. The use of a variety of coloured vases, wall pictures, throws or blankets can dramatically alter the feel of a room.
  • Even cushions can offer different colour options to give a room a fresh boost.

When considering how to accessorise your room, it is easy to try to replicate outdoors but this can be overwhelming. We bring foliage and warm reds, greens and gold into our home at Christmas, giving it warmth and colour at a bleak time of year, but filling our home with blue, silver and snowflake motifs during cold winter months might be too much! Replica flowers, twig lights and houseplants that move from room to room can ring the changes very effectively with little hassle.

Try using popular fashions to provide discreetly hidden useful accessories. Attractive fleece throws, woven blankets and crochet afghans are wonderful at highlighting your room with a new colour or design element but will also work perfectly as extra bedding for your futon during cold months. You won’t even need store it during the rest of the year.

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Helping Teenagers Sleep Well

Teenagers sleeping well

New research highlights the dangers that teens having poor sleep patterns can trigger; the distractions of modern life – computers, phones and constant online interaction, further disrupts sleeping habits that are already disturbed by changing hormones. As they move from the child phase to adult life, low quality sleep and simply not enough time to sleep deeply and well seriously affects daily life and can trigger serious concerns for young adults. Drugs, alcohol problems and poor decisions regarding casual relationships can be linked to teens finding it difficult to adapt their own rest needs as they mature.

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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Sleep..

Nordic Studio style 3 seat Sofa

How you sleep and how well rested you are can have a huge impact on your day to day life and sense of well-being, so it is important to maximise your potential to sleep well in bed and be comfortable overnight. Environment is a key factor in helping your body recognise sleep signals, so take time to create the perfect sanctuary for your rest hours.

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Futon Mattresses and Flame Retardants

Futon Mattresses and Flame Retardants

Current legislation regarding all sorts of products but including Futon Mattresses, Pyjamas and Flame Retardants (FR) became law in 1988 as a result of amongst other things, fires in commercial furniture warehouses and cigarettes causing  fire’s  in  domestic  situations  i.e. people’s homes. Continue reading Futon Mattresses and Flame Retardants