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Sleep like a genius

Sleeping genius

Sleep like a genius. Everyone knows that getting enough sleep is important to make sure you are on top of your game. Restorative sleep helps being fit for working and thinking when you most need to be alert. There are plenty of articles explaining how poor quality sleep  can severely impact our mental and physical well-being. The side effects can make us anxious or depressed, dangerous drivers or unfocused workers. A good night’s sleep is essential for recharging our body and mind. This in turn makes us able to face each new day with a sense of excitement and freshness.

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Meditation and Sleeping


The stresses of daily life can cause a plethora of reactions which impact on our ability to relax and get the sleep that our body needs to revive itself. A busy lifestyle, money concerns, work issues or family worries can all cause our sleep to become disturbed, exacerbating tiredness, lack of concentration and depression. Recent research shows that our health can be deeply affected by a lack of quality sleep, leading to long term physical problems and draining the joy from life.

Your bedding and a natural cover on a not too hard pillow can also be a beneficial aid.
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Upgrade your duvet for a spot of luxury

Goose feather and down quilt

Whether it has been a long day at the office or you are simply ready for a good night of warm, snuggled up sleep, there is nothing quite like getting into bed and curling up under your duvet. There is something very comforting about the warm, soft and wholly snuggly feel of wrapping the thick and inviting duvet around you for comfort or simply to keep out the winter chill. A night on the sofa with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and a familiar duvet can right plenty of weekday woes and leave us feeling rejuvenated.

Most households now use duvets as bed coverings rather than sheets and blankets but, despite spending 8-10 hours a day in its company, we rarely give much thought to the quality of the duvet itself or whether it is the perfect one for us. Bed clothes are often chosen for design or price and duvets in particular can go for years without being replaced; they are rarely or irregularly washed due to the general inconvenience of doing so. Technology has changed in recent years and, for a very reasonable cost, you can now have a duvet perfectly suited to your personal warmth and weight requirements that will enhance your sleep and make your rest time even more effective.

A luxury duvet, has many benefits over the traditional duvets that have been in our homes for years. While wadding has replaced feathers in recent decades, goose down and feathers are now cornering the market for luxurious, machine washable bed covers that repel dust mite infestations and have anti-bacterial properties. With dust mite and bacteria reduction, allergies and odours are also minimised while the new style filling wicks away moisture and helps regulate the sleeper’s temperature. The result is a cleaner, healthier and more body friendly night of sleep as the sleeper is able to maintain a core temperature easily and breathe naturally.

Goose down and feather duvets can be easily washed and cared for at home in a normal washing machine and are the ideal treat for anyone who loves their bed and wants to have the perfect night of sleep!

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How having a day bed could help with napping


It’s a well-known fact that a midday nap can increase work rate, improve mood and power you up for a productive afternoon. Plenty of European cultures have the siesta built into their daily life; even without the burning day time sun that gives hotter climates a good reason to take a break.

UK workers are well advised to consider doing the same. Many large corporations now acknowledge and encourage the right to nap in the working day and provide the time and facilities for employees to take  40 winks if required.

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Toddlers and Napping

Mother and toddler

Any mother or father can tell you that the oasis of midday respite – the baby and toddler nap – is a parental right they only give up with considerable kicking and screaming. Once the home has a baby in it, keeping up with the household jobs and staying on top of the mess becomes a full time job in itself. That short space of time in the middle of the day is necessary for catching up and squeezing in some work or a much needed sanity check with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Curling up on the sofa and taking time out is vital for parents and everyone benefits if nap time can be used in a guilt free, positive way to recharge batteries and relax.

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How to Combat Snoring


If you suffer the irritation of a partner who snores loudly, you may think that the best answer to this is a regular sharp kick to the ankles or poke in the side until they turn over and quieten down. Persistent snoring can put enormous strain on relationships and cause sleep problems for those who have to listen to it as well as sleep and health issues for the snorer themselves.

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Beating insomnia to make you brainier!


If you need to get a good night’s sleep, the guaranteed way to scupper your chances is to get worried about it. It’s a familiar story; we set the alarm to get to work early for a big meeting – and then lie awake for hours through a mounting misery of insomnia. When sleeplessness strikes before an exam or a long drive, it can feel a complete disaster. Research shows that a poor night of shut eye can reduce your IQ by up to a point the day after.

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Keeping Your Futon Cover in Good Shape.

Duck Egg Tibetan Fabric

If your futon is a main part of your living room furniture, taking some extra precautions to keep the cover in good condition is a great idea. The basic mattress cover is non-removal on most futons and adding a casing is the perfect way to add longevity. A futon casing can be coloured or patterned or in a number of speciality fabrics such a chenille or suede, making it an ideal way to further personalise your futon with a colour and feel that makes it unique to your room design.

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Create the perfect bedroom with Feng Shui

feng shui

The bedroom is arguably the room in your home which has to fulfil the most diverse roles. Therefore arranging it in a way that satisfies the various functions can be quite challenging. It’s a room in which we sleep, recuperate, relax and wake up, then on top of those things this same space needs to be a place of passion and sensuality for most people.

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Helping Teenagers Sleep Well

Teenagers sleeping well

New research highlights the dangers that teens having poor sleep patterns can trigger; the distractions of modern life – computers, phones and constant online interaction, further disrupts sleeping habits that are already disturbed by changing hormones. As they move from the child phase to adult life, low quality sleep and simply not enough time to sleep deeply and well seriously affects daily life and can trigger serious concerns for young adults. Drugs, alcohol problems and poor decisions regarding casual relationships can be linked to teens finding it difficult to adapt their own rest needs as they mature.

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