Chemical Free Bed Mattresses

In 1988 the UK government implemented Fire Regulations that have made our homes a reservoir for Fire Retardent chemicals.  The legislation covers everything from carpets, upholstery, sofas to mattresses and the chemical lobby that drives the thinking behind these laws insist our lives are being made safer whereas we feel very differently. After a lot of research and development we are proud to offer an affordable range of Chemical Free Bed Mattresses PURE CHOICE

A historical overview of the chemicals used for Fire Retardency (FR) purposes is concerning as bromide, PBDE compounds and many other partially natural products such as borax and its derivatives need to be used with caution. For instance PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) HAS BEEN BANNED in Europe and many parts of North America. The reason for the ban is that these chemicals present health issues as they can build up in the body over time and in this case what gets into the body stays in the body. PBDE has been associated with neurological and reproductive damage, lower sperm counts, and at higher levels cancer of the thyroid is a possibility. For many years Borax was used in the UK furniture and bedding industries, called Boric Acid it’s a known respiratory irritant and was only banned when the weight of pressure from the EU was brought to bear.

Currently a lot of research is being done with regard to FR chemicals and their effects on people and the environment. The uncertainty and levels of concern surrounding these chemicals has prompted NEW and radical thinking by a few like minded mattress suppliers. We don’t see why our customers should be subjected to these FR chemicals and our SOLUTION has been to develop a bed mattress that adheres to the UK FR regulations but doesn’t use any FR chemicals.

We have called our mattress PURE CHOICE and feel it will benefit those who use it as it is toxin free, by definition healthy and best of all comfortable and affordable. Our unique PURE CHOICE bed mattress uses only natural materials in conjunction with a small amount of safe man made fibres, there are NO TREATMENTS, COATINGS or CHEMICALS either inside or outside cover of our Chemical Free Bed Mattresses. There will be nothing nasty to inhale or absorb from using the mattress

The mattress has been regularly tested by a mandated facility to ensure it passes UK Fire Regulations. Our Clear Choice mattress is 9″/22cms thick, firm and supportive with extra thick layers of wool and cotton encasing a luxury pocket sprung unit the mattress interior also has a soft lamb’s wool layer on the top which adds to the comfortable feel. The various fillings are then encased in a specially sourced polyester woven cover, again – no fire retardant sprays here.

Every one of these mattresses is made and hand finished to order near Exeter in Devon, SW England.

Our name for this NEW and CHEMICAL FREE bed mattress was chosen because we feel our customers have the right to make their own decisions and if they feel they don’t want to be in the proximity of toxic FR chemicals we can help by making the environment they sleep in safer, healthier and chemical free. It’s your decision but let us help you make it a PURE CHOICE.

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