Discover The Benefits Of An Affordable Chemical Free Mattress

Chemical free mattress


Chemical free mattress, for many people is like finding the  Holy Grail of sleep. It’s now possible to find a mattress that’s incredibly comfortable, does not contain harmful chemicals and uses sustainable materials.

Cottonsafe®Futomat ticks all the boxes above.

But to find an affordable chemical free mattress that’s also sustainable is difficult.

Thankfully, there’s now a solution. Here at Futons Online, we stock a unique chemical free mattress range. Some say best on the market.

Introducing  the Futomat Chemical Free Mattress To UK Customers

The manufacture base is in Devon, and mattresses are available in five sizes. In addition this chemical free mattress is a revelation for those people who want a comfy, restful and restorative night’s sleep.

  • The Cottonsafe® range of mattresses use layers of filling for folding wood and metal frames.
  • First of all the fillings are completely chemical free while the cover is made from organic cotton and wool.
  • What makes this chemical free mattress truly unique is the organic cotton and wool cover being naturally fire retardant.
  • It passes current UK fire regulations and is fully and independently tested by a UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory. Finally after years of work it meets the various criteria.

So you can put your mind at rest and be completely re-assured that a chemical free mattress does not put you or your family at risk.

Most people don’t consider what makes a mattress fire resistant. Many do not realise how mattresses have toxic chemicals in an attempt to make them fire resistant.

A Cottonsafe® futomat is completely chemical free, meaning it has not been treated using PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ether). Furthermore it’s free of any type of artificial fire retardant chemicals.

The construction uses the highest standards of workmanship. Most noteworthy only natural materials are in the process to produce an incredibly comfortable mattress. Most of all it’s safe, comfortable and affordable.

Browse the Cottonsafe® Chemical Free Mattress Range

Click the link to browse the innovative range of Cottonsafe® futomats.

The design of these mattresses give the best night’s sleep possible. Therefore they offer a high level of comfort and support. Hence if your current mattress is uncomfortable and letting you down, then Cottonsafe® is an affordable solution.

Combine quality, safety and sustainability with a price that is surprisingly low. Especially relevant, people are discovering that there is another way when it comes to choosing their next bed mattress.

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