Considerations When Choosing A Single Futon Chair Bed For Your Home

Many people buy a double size futon sofa bed to use as an additional bed space, it allows guests to stay over and extends sleeping flexibility in the home. However, not so many people are aware that you can buy a single futon chair bed.

A single futon wooden chair bed is ideal when you need to fit extra sleeping space into very tight areas of your home, and is especially suitable for putting in a small spare room. Also, they are ideal for a child’s bedroom where you can utilise them as additional seating space, as well as being practical when a friend sleeps over.

If you intend to put a single futon chair bed in a child’s living space, then it’s important to remember that you need to buy one that has a removable cover. It goes without saying that youngsters have little accidents and aren’t the tidiest, so you will need to have a spare cover, one that can be washed as often as needed.

When it comes to the timber frame of a futon chair bed, you need to look for a practical design made from quality wood.  Futons Online stock only well seasoned sturdy Pine chair beds, made from Radiata pine. This wood has fewer knots, meaning it’s very strong, has no weeping sap problems and has wide slats and small gaps so little hands and arms won’t get trapped. On top of that, the Pine is sustainable, meaning it’s sourced in a fair and equitable manner from forests that are replanted.

The slats that are used in the construction of our sofa bed chairs are supported by thick stretchers, to ensure the maximum durability even when young children are jumping around on them!

After considering the frame it’s critical to make sure the futon mattress on your single futon bed chair is high quality. The mattresses supplied with our chair/beds are 6”/14cm thick, have a chemical free filling and will fulfill every quality criteria necessary.

Our mattresses are lovely and comfortable for sitting, sleeping or playing on. You can upgrade to a flexi pocket mattress for even more comfort. Whichever you choose, the quality fillings used in our layered construction technique ensures you will enjoy not only a great night’s sleep, but also that the mattress will be a comfortable chair to sit on for years to come.

Click here to view the Classic wooden chair bed, made to exacting standards from quality materials.

Click here to view the stylish Kiwi single wooden chair bed, this is an upgrade made to incredibly high standards, using only quality materials.

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