Cottonsafe®Fabric, if you care about the health of your family and friends this article is for you. Furthermore if a healthy sleep environment is part of the conversation then it should  include a chemical free mattress. Sleep is a subject that can easily be taken for granted but really the opposite is true.

  • We live in a society that’s fast paced, multi dimensional with lots of stress, cares and woes. So sleep and its restorative power is critical for all of us. Therefore, if you agree sleep is a good thing, going to help us whenever we get some, read on. Consequently it should follow that a decent comfy mattress is a necessary requirement.
  • Since 1980 when I started selling sofa beds and mattresses the UK has always had a different outlook. This subject has been regarded as less important than in the rest of Europe. I know this as I had retail stores in many countries, x 5. But the last few years has seen a converging and desire for more specialist information regarding Better Sleep.

Chemicals and Toxins

  • Flame Retardants and the chemicals that are used to make these toxic soups  exist in many household products. However the legal framework that surrounds Fire Retardants is peculiar to the UK. The legislation that prevails here is contentious and in some countries is outlawed. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Recently a dedicated group has put years of time, money and experience into manufacturing a natural textile.
  • This is a fabric that  passes the highest UK flammability laws, all of them. The  combination uses Organic Cotton and Lamb’s Wool. The fabric is called Cottonsafe®. It’s THE natural solution for your body and skin to be at ease. Now there’s an alternative to everything else because everything else is chock full of toxic chemicals.
  • To have organic cotton in Cottonsafe®Fabric is a wonderful thing. Cotton is a crop that fails and falters. Most of all due to many bugs 220px-Cotton_Harlequin_Bugsand grubs (like the ones shown) that like to eat and live on and inside the plant. Our Cotton grows without recourse to any pesticides or insecticides. Most noteworthy we will not poison watercourses just to make sure it’s whiter than naturally white. Natural Wool from the Devon uplands has many useful properties and that’s why sheep grow it. Luckily for us it is a natural flame retardant and when it combines with the organic cotton we have a winner.


Uses for Fabric

  • Cottonsafe®Fabric is in use as the cover or casing for bed mattresses and toppers. There are a few bed mattress options depending on how firm you want your very own mattress to feel. The manufacturing process uses other natural elements such as felt washers to keep the filling in place. And flax thread for stitching. At the core or centre of the bed mattress is a flexible pocket spring unit. Then you can choose how many thousand springs you want.
  • Another range of mattresses that use Cottonsafe® for covers is Futomat. There are x 4 Futomats and they differ in levels of firmness. Have a look in more detail here. Futomats are another unique product found only from one West Country factory and the fillings are layers of natural products like Latex, Coir and white Enriched Cotton.
  • The Futomats also use felt washers not buttons for keeping the filling in place.
  • The range of Cottonsafe® toppers is available in x 3 sizes and they bring an extra 5 cm of comfy loveliness to your mattress.
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