Create the perfect bedroom with Feng Shui

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The bedroom is arguably the room in your home which has to fulfil the most diverse roles. Therefore arranging it in a way that satisfies the various functions can be quite challenging. It’s a room in which we sleep, recuperate, relax and wake up, then on top of those things this same space needs to be a place of passion and sensuality for most people.

Finding a design, look and feel that adequately meets all of those needs can take some dedication but while we all have individual tastes, there are some basic rules which can help guide you to the ideal bedroom style.

Colour plays a fundamental role and celebrating hues that you feel comfortable with and inspire you to feel good is certainly important; bear in mind that cool tones such as blue and white may make the room feel sterile and passionless while earthy and neutral tones will enhance sensuality and a feeling of nurture.

Promoting a sense of restful sanctuary is fundamental, but equally important is to accessorize with richer tones in bedding, throws and ornaments to add touches of sensuality and romance. Luxurious fabrics and low lighting help to add warmth, intimacy and encourage tenderness. If romance is important in your bedroom, remember to add ornaments in pairs and ensure your pictures and images are positive, happy ones.

Here are some really useful tips to encourage wellbeing by using popular Feng Shui principles in your bedroom:-

  • Position your bed as far from the door as possible but make sure the door can still be seen when you’re in bed. Your bed should occupy a power position in the room but being able to see the door will reduce anxiety. Keeping space between your door and the bed gives you time to prepare for the unexpected while stopping energy flowing from the room.
  • Make sure all doors are shut in the room while you sleep, including cupboard and bathroom doors.
  • Have a variety of light options in the room; the opportunity to dim the lights is essential. Candles are ideal for Feng Shui but remember to extinguish them safely and way before you fall asleep.
  • Keep gadgets, entertainment devices and exercise equipment out of the bedroom. They destroy Feng Shui and are dreadful for good quality sleep.
  • Declutter! Stuffing cupboards full of junk will stifle you and lead to a cluttered and overwhelmed mind. Feng Shui principles work best at producing calm positivity with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces.

Take the time to experiment with layout as much as possible. It’s important to feel good in your bedroom and make the space work for you and your needs.

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