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Customer Service

Customer Services
We take customer services extremely seriously and recognise it is an area where we can make our company and what we are trying to achieve different to our competitors.
By being responsive and acting quickly to deal with customer requests for information about deliveries, pricing, swatches or whatever it may be we feel it’s a positive step that will put our actual or potential customers at ease and build trust.
We are very lucky to be able to say that the suppliers of the products we offer do a good job in terms of manufacturing and packaging. Although it takes a little more time to get to the frame pieces we feel that’s better than having cracks and fractures that occur when that care is not taken.
Another area that sets us apart from others is that we can turn around orders within 2 or 3 working days.
Our manufacturing processes are set up to standardise the procedures used but we can offer bespoke futon mattresses at an additional cost of 20%.
If there’s anything you’re happy or not happy about, please call Keith Holleyman: (0)20 7223 7212 or 07940 873394