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Customer Service is something we take extremely seriously. Furthermore we recognise it is an area where we can constantly improve our company.

  • Therefore a principle aim in what we are trying to achieve is be different to our competitors.
  • That works by being responsive and acting quickly to deal with customer requests for information about deliveries, pricing and swatches.
  • Whatever your service needs are we feel by answering positively it’s a crucial step. Most of all we hope it will put our actual or potential customers at ease and consequently build trust.
  • We are very lucky to be able to say that the suppliers of the products we offer do a good job in terms of manufacturing and packaging.
  • Another area that sets us apart from others is that we can turn mattress orders within 3 working days.
  • Our manufacturing processes are set up to standardise the procedures used.

Example of service

  • But we offer bespoke futon mattresses at an additional cost of 20%, just call for a quote.
  • Deliveries from UK based suppliers are taken care of by Tufnells. As of late 2019 they are rolling out a new upgrade. After testing is complete it will enable customers to have a time slot for their orders.
  • Another supplier operates in Denmark and their name is Karup Design. Due to this company undergoing enormous changes principally regarding growth and distribution there has to be caution. Lead times for deliveries has gone from about  3 weeks to more than 5 weeks. The hope is that things will go back to what it was before.

Contact Help

  • Anytime is fine if you need to ask questions about
  • If there’s anything you’re happy or not happy about regarding customer service please call Keith Holleyman: (0)20 7223 7212 or 07940 873394
  • An alternative to phoning is for you to email
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