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Discover The Benefits Of An Affordable Chemical Free Mattress

For many people the Holy Grail of sleep is to find a mattress that is incredibly comfortable, does not contain harmful chemicals and which has been manufactured using sustainable materials.

But finding an affordable chemical free mattress that is also sustainable can be difficult.

Thankfully, there is now an ideal solution. Here at Futons Online, we now stock what are rightly regarded as the best chemical free mattress ranges on the market.

Introducing The Chemical Free Mattress To UK Customers

Manufactured in Devon, and available in three sizes, the CottonSafe chemical free mattress is a revelation for those people who want a comfy, restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Building on the innovations found in our Pure Choice chemical free bed mattress range, the Cottonsafe bed mattress goes one step further. Not only are the fillings completely chemical free and made from natural materials, but the cover is made from organic cotton and wool.

What makes this chemical free mattress truly unique is the organic cotton and wool cover being naturally fire resistant. It meets current UK fire regulations and has been fully and independently tested by a UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory – and after years of development it meets the various criteria. So you can put your mind at rest and be completely re-assured that a chemical free mattress does not put you or your family at risk.

Most people do not consider what makes a mattress fire resistant. Many do not realise how mattresses are so heavily impregnated with chemicals in an attempt to make them fire resistant.

The CottonSafe mattress is completely chemical free, meaning it has not been treated using PBDE’s (polybrominated diphenyl ether) or any other type of artificial fire retardant chemicals. It is constructed using the highest standards of workmanship using natural materials to produce an incredibly comfortable mattress that is safe, comfortable and affordable.

Browse The Pure Choice And CottonSafe Chemical Free Mattress Range

You can browse and buy the Pure Choice chemical free bed mattress by clicking here.

Our innovative range of Cottonsafe chemical free bed mattress range can be viewed here

Both of these mattresses have been designed to give the best night’s sleep possible, offering a high level of comfort and support. If your current mattress is uncomfortable and letting you down, then the Pure Choice and CottonSafe chemical free mattresses are an affordable solution.

Combining quality, safety and sustainability within a price that is surprisingly low, more people are discovering that there is another way when it comes to choosing their next bed mattress.