Discover The Flexibility Of Pairing A Futon With A Portable Room Divider

When it comes to increasing the flexibility of your living space, sometimes it’s the simple solutions that offer the greatest benefits.

People often think of futon sofa beds when maximising their ability to offer guests a bed for the night. But, when space is tight and a little confined privacy considerations are a factor.

But with the simple addition of a folding room divider you can transform your options without spending a huge amount of money.

Folding Room Dividers Can Provide Another Interior Wall

Although you can’t block out sound, decently sized, high quality room dividers and screens can afford guests privacy that you could not otherwise provide.

As an option, it allows you not having to worry about juggling people around in the morning, by having them change in bathrooms, or even in your own bedroom.

With the addition of a beautiful portable room divider you can provide a specific space for your guests to relax and feel comfortable.

And you don’t have to think in terms of just using one portable room divider. If you have a large enough space, you could use more screens and create a temporary bedroom.

When teamed up with a high quality futon you can get around any feelings your guests might have of being ill-considered, by providing a higher quality overnight stay than they might otherwise expect.

Futons Online Offer A Wide Range Of High Quality Room Dividers And Screens

Our selection of temporary room dividers are made only from the highest quality materials. Our pine and bamboo panels with quality brass hinges and fittings ensure stability and safety. These Room Dividers are an excellent solution to provide your guests with privacy and in their own space.

The screens in our range are highly versatile and functional. Not only can they be used to section off sleeping areas, but they can also provide sanctity for such activities as working from home, studying, reading or maybe meditation.

When folded up, storage of our beautifully constructed portable room dividers is easy. They can be placed anywhere there is space to lay them either flat on the floor, or against the wall.

To view our range of high quality portable room divider screens, click here

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