Essential Health Considerations Before Futon Buying

Essential considerations before futon buying.

Know something completely astonishing about how most people buy a futon sofa bed, or futon mattress?

First, let’s think about how you would buy a mattress for your normal bed. Just like everyone else, you would agonise over it. Even if you are not spending a lot of money on it, you may very well go to a shop and lay on it to test it.

If you don’t do that, at the very least you will probably go online and look for positive reviews from people who have examined similar products.

But for some reason, if people are buying a temporary bed for visitors, then a lot of the time they barely consider the most vital thing. Namely, can you actually sleep on it comfortably?

Any mattress of inferior quality can ruin a good night’s sleep. A poor mattress can also cause health problems in as little as one night. You can crook your back, or agitate an existing problem very easily. And that problem can be multiplied if your visitor is elderly.

So let’s address these potential hazards right now, by giving you some tips on how to choose a good quality futon mattress that will maintain good health and promote better sleep.

Essential considerations before futon buying.

Look For A Multilayer Construction Futon Mattress

You will find that most good quality futon mattresses are made up of layers containing different materials.

Sometimes these will be natural materials such as lamb’s wool, cotton or latex. Sometimes these will be mixed with, or replaced by, man-made materials like foam or polyester.

Some futon sofa bed mattresses now even use pocket spring technology. This is something that several of our products at now use.

Consider The Depth Of Your Futon Mattress To Aid Comfort

A good depth for a two seat futon mattress is at least 6 inches, or 15 cm. Any less than this and you may be compromising on support for the hips, spine and shoulders, as well as minimising the chance of restorative sleep.

Be aware that some really cheap and nasty futon sofa beds are made with inferior fillings, these will compact so that your futon mattress will end up just 3 or 4 inches thick. You probably know the ones we are referring to, where the mattress is rolled up to construct the seating area when not in use as a bed. These are horrendous mattresses that can cause physical damage.

A 3 seat futon mattress folds differently to a 2 seat version. It should be around 7”-8” (17-19cm) thick.  Whatever your choice our UK made futon mattresses all have fillings that are chemical free.

Essential considerations before futon buying.

It’s Always A Good Idea To Get Expert Advice On Your Futon Mattress

A high quality futon mattress gives the people who are staying with you the best chance of a great night’s sleep. Guests won’t leave grumbling about the state of your spare bed, and you don’t feel embarrassed about the fact they are less than well rested.

On top of the health considerations, you have to consider comfort and the enjoyment of a good night sleep.

For example, will the mattress you are considering purchasing cause someone to overheat when laying on it? This can often be the case with memory foam and man-made fibres. Especially relevant it’s far less likely with natural fillings associated with quality futon mattresses

All questions can be answered by an expert in futon mattress technology, such as us here at

To discuss your needs in detail, why not give us a call today on 020 7223 7212 for a friendly and informal chat.

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