Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s firstly is about the online business futonsonline.co.uk the website of Mirthglen Ltd. incorporated in 1980. Since that time sofa beds and similar multi functional furniture has  been at the heart of our business. Therefore we seek to offer an alternative to Ikea, Argos and the internet shopping portals.  We operate as a specialist retailer on the internet.  The huge businesses offering products for the home are different. They have no real understanding of the essence and nature of space saving, versatile products. Please click About Us, a page that reveals a little more information and our current direction.

When buying from futons online we will make sure your needs are met to the best of our ability. We value your custom highly. Consequently are always willing to discuss enquiries via the telephone 020 7223 7212 or email keith@futonsonline.co.uk.

Are our futon products the cheapest on the internet?
We’re not the cheapest and don’t seek to have that tag.  However after 40 years of selling futon furniture we can claim to offer healthy, versatile and value for money products. We feel it’s much more important to supply a range that has various price points. Our fillings for futon mattresses are carefully chosen so that we can guarantee many years comfortable use. We have opted to have good quality pre compressed and carefully cut fillings. Therefore the finish of our mattresses looks good with “boxed” edges. Also feels like it will give ample support when in use for sitting or sleeping. The choice of timber for our pine frames is made to avoid splintering and cracking. We take pride in packaging our futons so they travel without mishap to reach you in perfect condition.

Are our futon products guaranteed?
All our products carry the standard 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship or defective materials. Furthermore we also guarantee the products in transit to cover any damages that may occur.

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Why buy from futonsonline.co.uk?
Since 1980 we have sourced our products world wide and have always looked for new developments in our niche industry. At various times we have been manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors. It is that experience that enables us to select our range of futon products from our extensive network of contacts. As important to offering reliable value for money items is our commitment to friendly customer service. We will try to accommodate any futon related request.

What type of futon sofa bed should I buy?
It’s a tricky question because of differing needs. But the starting point should be to figure how much space you have to devote to your new sofa bed. When space is at a premium 2 seat frames without arms do the job. However if there’s plenty of space then 3 seat sofa beds are generally the better option. That’s because you can put thicker futon mattresses on them and usually they convert more easily. If it’s just for occasional use we have futon mattresses that roll up and you can stow away. Whatever your requirements it’s worth getting in touch to discuss your needs.

FAQ Information about Fillings

What are futon mattress ‘layers’?
Back in the day futon mattresses and their manufacture had to use layers of reclaimed cotton and wool. This came in a haphazard way and had to be laid out in layers about  1″/2 cm thick. New developments have made using layers of natural fibres a lot more easy and exact. Now we use specifically manufactured and presized sheets of various materials inc.lambs wool, wool felt, cotton, rebound polyester, high density foam, coir and latex. This gives an end product that looks neat, feels comfortable and will have a long life all at a reasonable cost.

How long will my futon take to be delivered?
We carry stocks of frames and mattresses and can deliver in a couple of days in an emergency but our standard delivery time is 3/4 working days.

How can I order & pay for my futon?

You can place an order online using our secure shopping cart system underwritten by PayPal. If you prefer you can call us with your order details and pay on our telephone number 020 7223 7212 or also with a cheque.
Any other FAQ’s that come to mind please get in touch.
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