Natural Futon Mattress / Retailer’s view

The Natural Futon Mattress

Over the last couple of years we’ve been receiving increasing interest in what might be referred to as ‘Natural Mattresses’; so we are pleased to offer the first natural futon mattress in the UK using only natural materials and fillings as people become more concerned and aware of where they sleep and what they sleep on.

A small number of selected futon retailers are now able to offer the First Natural Futon Mattress in the UK, a product designed to be used as an everyday bed mattress on a slatted bed base, tatami mats or just flat on the floor. The Natural Futon Mattress features a covering fabric made entirely of a Hemp and Wool mix fabric, with no additives, the mattress is then filled with layers of a wool and cotton mix filling and natural coir bonded with latex giving a construction free from man-made additions or treatments. The Natural Futon Mattress is then finished with felt mattress tufts for comfort.

The Natural Futon Mattress can be specified to two comfort levels depending on your requirements; Standard Firm – using the filling combination previously detailed to provide a firm but supportive traditional futon feel, or, Pocket Medium Firm – using a similar filling combination but this time the two central layers of the wool and cotton mix are replaced with a mini pocket-spring cage to provide an overall medium to firm feel to the futon mattress, a great choice if you’re maybe new to futon sleeping.

For a full specification and further details on this innovative new product follow the link below to The Futon Shop and visit their Futon Mattress department.

UK’s first Natural Futon Mattress


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