Five Reasons Why Having Poor Sleep Is More Serious Than You Thought

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Everyone knows that sleep is essential. A lack of sleep can make you miserable, angry and unable to think clearly.

However, there are other more serious reasons why sleep loss should be avoided.

  1. Tiredness causes accidents

Not getting enough sleep is a huge issue in many types of accident. The problem is that people see being tired as a minor issue, however reaction times, perception and thought processes slow dramatically when we are even a little bit tired.

  1. Lack of sleep can cause serious health problems

Chronic sleep loss and ongoing sleep disorders have been associated with causing, or increasing the severity of heart disease and other heart conditions, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. It appears to be no coincidence that 90% of people who suffer from persistent insomnia also have other health conditions.

  1. Lack of sleep can cause depression

If you do not sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours per night, then over time this can wear down your body and mind to the point where deep depression can set in. A 2007 study found that people with insomnia for whatever reason were five times more likely to start suffering from depression than people who slept solidly every night.

  1. Poor sleep patterns can age your skin prematurely

Poor sleep quality, or not enough sleep can release a stress hormone called cortisol. In large amounts, this hormone can attack collagen in your body. Collagen is the protein which helps to keep your skin elastic and in good condition.

  1. Sleep loss stops you from being your whole self

When you are suffering from extreme lack of sleep, parts of your body do not operate properly, and parts of your body begin to shut down. Your mind is sluggish and you start to make elementary errors. This means that you can never operate at peak performance and never fulfil your potential.

One key thing you can do is to try and improve the amount and quality of sleep you get each night and make sure that your mattress is fully supportive, in turn this allow you to get restorative sleep.  If your current bed mattress is not good enough, then you really should consider replacing it with a modern, well-structured mattress.

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