Flexi Pocket Mattress

Flexi Pocket Mattress

For decades there has been a restriction on how thick a futon mattress can be when used on a tri-fold or 2 seater double sofa bed. The design of this kind of frame means the mattress has to fold twice across its width to be used in the sofa position.  Until now the thickness of the mattress has had to be no more than 6″ or about 14cms. otherwise it will want to spring out of the desired “S” shape.       Kiwi 4' futon sofabed 2

The Flexi Pocket Mattress is an alternative that brings unique features not least the fact it’s manufactured in various widths,  2’6″/76cms, 3’/90cms, 4’/120cms,4’6″/140cms, all 6’3″/190cms long ,  5’/153 cms. x 6’6″/198cms long.

It was this design that was at the centre of the futon industry as it began to grow in the early 1970’s and gained the tag “A”  frame. The small footprint made it an ideal choice for smaller rooms, student dorms and second bedrooms. The choice of fillings for the futon mattress were limited back in the day to reclaimed fibres such as cotton and wool. These original futon mattresses were quite heavy but healthy, versatile and served the dual function of being suitable for sitting and sleeping. This paved the way for innovations such as bi fold or 3 seat futons, metal frame futons, chair/beds etc. The “A” frame and 6 layer futon mattress got locked in a time warp and changed little until now.

The Flexi Pocket futon mattress offers a new solution for an old problem. It is light, slim line and extremely comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.  The development of this mattress has led to a contemporary  outcome and the core is a highly flexible pocket sprung system. Either side of the core are x2 layers of natural fibres and the top and bottom of this futon mattress is lambs wool, a filling that precludes having to use chemicals to adhere to Fire Retardency regulations as it is inherently resistant to fire.  This innovation increases the thickness of the futon while still allowing it to fold into the “S” shape, the comfort of the seat is enhanced as you sit on double the loft of the futon. When used as a bed this mattress offers support for the heavier parts of the body such as hips and shoulders and will help keep the spine aligned a key element of preventing backache.

Flexi-Pocket Open  Flexi-Pocket Diagram   Flexi-Pocket

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