FSC ® = Forestry Stewardship Council

  • Council members are an amalgamation of Environmental organisations, Forest owners, Wood industry representatives and Labour Unions who have come together to make sure that forests around the world are run in a sustainable fashion.
  • Independant certification companies “police” the use of the kite mark so that those who buy timber products with an FSC ® logo can be sure the principles and criteria of the organisation have been met.
  • There is a seamless control of the commercial and processing chain or put in another way from forest to store that ensures the FSC ® logo can’t be abused.
  • The FSC ® logo ensures the wood used in the products carrying the kite mark have been managed to strict ecological, social and economic standards. This means that forests maintain their biodiversity and over exploitation doesn’t take place. Another facet is that forest workers have a proper living wage and are also not exploited.
  • Securing the long term future of our forests is critical as wood is such a precious resource and the work of the FSC is so important for the current generation of which we are a apart but also for future generations.
  • Wood is great for making furniture, for sure, but it is a raw material that offers so much for design possibilities as well and that is at the heart of the FSC ® logo and the work the council has done for the past 20 years..
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