Using a futon bed as your main sleeping option

Having a futon bed for your main sleeping option may sometimes be from necessity rather than design. Space, finances and perhaps having to move rented accommodation regularly can mean that a bed which takes up relatively little space, is multi-purpose and is easy and light to move or reassemble is important. Eventually you will find yourself settling down in your new home with a loved piece of furniture that still has plenty of life left in it, but has become a permanent fixture in a room.

Since a futon is still a relatively unconventional item of furniture in the UK home, it is a great way to provide the focal point for some really innovative design. Breaking the rules in furnishing and changing the way a room is laid out to make it different adds a real spice to a house, making it individual and dramatic. A futon is a perfect starting point for being daring with décor.

One way to experiment is to use a low futon as a reason to divide a room with fabrics or screens for a really dramatic look. Creating a secluded and romantic ‘tent’ feel around your futon will allow a room to be both bedroom and office, with the trappings of modern life hidden when you need to relax. Using suspended canvas which is tied back during an ordinary day is perfect for turning a conservatory into a temporary guest room when you need spare sleeping space.

If you take feng shui seriously then making sure your bed is in a power position in the room is important. Do something unusual by placing your futon bed at a diagonal slant into the centre of the room; while this does take up more space, potentially leaving a ‘dead’ area behind the futon, you can create a novel storage area with the judicious use of a screen or curtain. It’s an ideal place for a clothing rail or even for separating off a dressing room. Finish it off with some ornamental cushion for height and interest and perhaps drape fairy lights across the screen to give it a magical, softly lit feel.

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