How to Care for Your Futon

Futon Love

I’m sure you have all heard how long you spend sleeping and relaxing on your mattress. futon or bed. So, here’s a few tips to help look after this treasure.

Without doubt the critical factor in looking after your futon is to keep it dry. We all perspire/sweat at night, it’s a function of the human body so the better your mattress is at evaporating and dissipating moisture the better. If you can get your futon into sunlight, outside is best but by an open window is fine do that for a few hours ideally twice a year, early Spring and late Summer.

But whatever you do don’t do this on a humid day only when it’s dry.

If for any reason your futon mattress does get damp or wet the best thing to do is mop up the spill lightly in a circular motion anything, use a Jcloth or another absorbent cloth,and do not rub vigorously, please. To finish off you can use a hair dryer to help dry your mattress.

If you use your futon mattress for sleeping a lot then turn it over, flip it widthways and lengthways to ensure even wear. Doing this a few times a year will help to get air passing through the natural fibre filling and aid comfort and longevity.

When handling your futon it’s best to have some help as they are heavy and want to slip out of your hands. Find a willing ally and grip the end or side and do it together 1-2-3 style. Be careful not to just grab the cover, it can rip, grab the whole thing somehow, and also try and shake it a bit as this will help the overall condition of the  futon.
japanese futons airing

I’ve often been asked about “Japanese” futons, which are actually more like Duvets inasmuch that the filling is cotton with lots of air amongst the fibres and they are used on Tatami Mats, so very different to what we in the “West” call futon mattresses. As the picture shows it’s a different concept.

Another critical point is to always put your futon mattress on a slatted frame, NEVER directly on the floor. Futon mattresses with so much of the filling being natural fibres need air to pass all around and if it sits on the ground or floor for too long mould will grow and create dark black stains, that’s a promise.

If you use your futon just as a bed then it’s worth considering a mattress protector, this encases the mattress and keeps dust and mites from nearing the surface of the mattress.

Occasionally it’s worth passing your vacuum cleaner over the surface of the mattress and make sure no bugs or anything untoward is nestling in the seams or around the buttoning, prevention is better than well you know what I mean.

If you use your futon sofa bed a lot then it’s worth investing in a removable top cover, we have various types of fabrics and a wide selection of colours, and if you would like swatches please email; your preference and address, I’ll be quick to post.


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