Futon Covers

Futon Covers

Futon covers describe x2 different options.  A futon cover is either the casing for a mattress and if so will be “buttoned” or “tufted” to keep the filling in place and very importantly cannot be removed under any circumstances.

Or, a futon cover is removable and depending on the type of fabric can be washed in a machine at a low temperature, usually 30 degrees C.

It’s important that your mattress casing is made from a durable fabric that can withstand daily use for as long as 10-12 years. When textiles are expected to last for such a long period of time and are used on a daily or regular basis the manufacturers use x2 tests so buyers and users can gauge quality. The tests are a) fastness to light and b) fastness to rubbing or abrasion and is often referred to as the Martindale Test, this test is also known as the Rub Test.

Futon mattress casings are often used both for sitting and sleeping and we have found that 100% cotton drill is the best choice. Available in a range of colours the fabric is versatile and also comfortable, an important point when you may have members of your family with sensitive skin.

Natural cotton drill has pleasant characteristics inasmuch you can often see small particles from the cotton plant, an indication that the fabric hasn’t been processed  countless times. Customers can be assured that 100% cotton drill is an excellent natural choice. It is possible to find organic cotton but the cost usually is a prohibiting factor when used in the manufacture of futon mattresses.

Futon covers that are removable and in some cases washable are available in a variety of textiles. Besides 100% cotton drill, the ranges we use include Cotton Chenille, Polyester which is very versatile and available in many different forms, Leather Look and best of all a Wool/Hemp mixture that is unique in the UK futon world as it precludes any treatment for UK fire regulations.

Futon covers are available in many different sizes, we have x5 standard sizes and it’s also possible to make bespoke sizes, albeit at a small increase in price. Our covers are zipped around x3 sides, our expert seamstresses make sure seams are straight and the zip is concealed. This craftsmanship enables people of any size or age to put on or take off their futon cover.




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