Futon Furniture from the UK

With most items of furniture travelling half way around our planet before the reach your home it’s refreshing to be able to offer nice quality, hand crafted, futon furniture manufactured down here in South West England.

Here at The Futon Shop our Pine  Futon Beds are manufactured for us by a great little workshop in Dorset that specialises in bunk sets but have been producing our beds from some years using quality Scandinavian pine timber which is durable, sustainable and matures into a nice natural antiqued finish. In fact it’s a typical Futon Furniture from the UK type operation.

Our futon mattress products are manufactured at our sister company, Cambridge Futons, down here in Devon. We can offer a range of futon mattresses to suit all requirements from traditional lambswool and woolfelt futons to our Pocket FutoFlex futon mattress covering the spectrum of sleeping needs.

It’s our philosophy that we should all be moving towards a more localised sourcing of our manufacturing materials and finished products to help keep travel to a minimum and maintain and develop the skills and businesses required to provide a relevant selection of UK based furniture manufacturing, so if this sounds like you…check us out at www.futons247.co.uk

The Futon Shop Product Updates


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