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Futon Guild Logo


The purpose of the Futon Guild is to give potential futon furniture customers especially those who are browsing online an opportunity to view information from sources that are both extremely knowledgeable and quality led.

The futon category on the Internet has made it easier to buy but it’s a noisy place and basically polarised. There are many, dare I say too many furniture shopping portals, supermarkets and budget catalogue companies offering poor quality futons

At its heart the Futon Guild has several members who are extremely experienced but more importantly buy into using that experience for the benefit of those looking  for versatile, healthy and affordable convertible sofa beds. Whether via the members websites, blogs or on the phone your purchase we like to think will be aided by the information we have offered. We can point to the quality of our futon range, positive customer relations and we know when we make a sale it’s offering value for money. And, it can be argued the most positive aspect of the Futon Guild is it’s ability to offer advice about what should be the best choice of futon frame or futon mattress for your needs.

There are precious few futon manufacturers in the UK, in fact most futon frames are imported whereas practically all futon mattresses sold in the UK, are made in the UK. Futon Guild members can confidently claim that all timber used in the frames come from sustainable sources and that fillings for our hand finished futon mattresses is of the highest quality ensuring longevity and comfort.

Guild members hope you will enjoy reading our blogs, viewing the various sites and we would appreciate any contributions you make so that by sharing thoughts and conversations the futon world becomes more vibrant and relevant.

Guild members thought long and hard how to present ourselves and although potentially a dated idea it’s a perfect term to represent our aims and aspirations to customers. Our membership is an alliance of like minded people who believe in their products so that their will be mutual benefits and a comfortable sitting/sleeping sofa bed for you our precious  customers.