Futons are perfect to get through narrow gaps

Futons are perfect to get through narrow gaps such as not very wide front doors, small gaps into lofts and even camper vans. You name a space within the bounds of reason and the following article will show you how versatile and useful futon furniture is to overcome this type of problem.

All futon frames are flat packed and no matter how many boxes there might be, it will be possible to find a solution.

For instance, I had someone call me in desperation from Croydon, Surrey and her predicament was that the Narrow Front Door prevented any kind of upholstered furniture from being delivered. I asked what her neighbours did in a similar situation and was amazked to hear her say “they take out their bay windows”.

A futon sofa bed is flat packed so will always be able to pass through a narrow front door
Futons will pass through narrow front door

Shocked to hear such a thing, I assured her that help was at hand and however narrow the front door I would find a suitable sitting/sleeping solution. This customer had a futon back in the ’70’s when a student and had remembered their versatility. But, like many people had not realised that in the intervening years the futon world had moved forward in many ways and it was now possible to find stylish frames at an affordable price with a thick futon mattress that was both comfortable for sitting and sleeping.

The Trinity is a frame with a unique bentwood shaped arm that Mirthglen Ltd. the parent company of  futonsonline.co.uk first introduced into the UK in the late 1980’s from Canada, at that time the frame was made from Birch, a sustainable timber. The current model is made from another sustainable timber Rubber wood.

The customer was thrilled to have found an answer to her predicament. A similar situation occurs when trying to get furniture into loft conversions. Not only are the gaps small but often it’s a struggle to get up narrow flights of stairs with very long  boxes, a double whammy of problems.

Normally the openings into lofts are at least 90cms/3/0″  wide or at the widest points.  Although two people are needed, one up in the loft and the other to hand up the boxes there is usually enough space to overcome issues that may occur. In over 30 years I’ve not had to do the following but the last resort would be to take all the packaging off the parts and handle each individual part seperately, what you might call the final solution.


Futon mattresses should be either folded in half or rolled into heavy guage plastic bags for transport and handling. Although a little heavy these normally fit through tight gaps no matter what width. If there is difficulty the answer would be to take the mattress out of the bag and roll it the “other” way, i.e. north/south, like a long sausage.

Another unusual space I encountered recently for a futon was a camper van. This customer was doing a lot of travelling in her vehicle and as she was working needed to get a decent rest at the end of the day. Plenty of space allowed her to get a Studio steel frame and thick mattress into her van and as the frame opens and closes from the front provided a perfect solution.

double futon into a loft

Narrow boats, yurts, camping and tee pees all have their unique getting into/out of issues and it’s futons that a perfect to get through narrow gaps

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