Here’s Why You Should Definitely Not Buy A Cheap Futon

In these times of economic austerity, when people are seeking to wring the best value out of every purchase they make, it can often seem the natural choice to spend as little money as possible.

When it comes to buying a futon, this outlook can often lead to people throwing their hard earned money down the drain.

This is mostly because people have to be careful with their savings, but also down to how people view sofa beds in general. Because they are seen as a temporary sitting solution or bed, the same mental buying process does not seem to take place as when people are shopping for their main bedroom furniture.

A Poor Quality Futon Frame Will Shorten Its Lifespan

Futons at the lower price points will be made of poorer quality metal or timber. Other issues  include not looking as aesthetically pleasing, and its possible frames will suffer from build issues that could shorten lifespan. Cheaper timber often means more knots hence weaknesses that can lead to breakages. Best practice is to look for long spans of timber that have very few knots.

In metal frames, poor craftsmanship and quality of materials can make bending and damage far more likely to occur even with light use. It’s essential to stay away from considering a metal frame that has mesh or bars for the sitting/sleeping parts, this type of frame will be uncomfortable and not last very long at all. Look for steel frames that have flexi slats as they will distribute weight evenly and be much more comfortable.

A Poor Quality Futon Mattress Will Need Replacing Quickly

A cheap futon mattress will not give the peaceful restorative sleep we all crave. This kind of mattress is also usually made from one type of manmade material such as polyester, and for the most part not be thick enough to support the body that well.

It’s simply the case that a cheap futon mattress will not deliver the benefits of a carefully made hand finished futon that’s filled with multiple layers of natural materials that assures restful sleep. A specialist futon mattress will maintain even body temperature and importantly keep the spine aligned which in turn helps repair back aches and aid restful sleep. Quality natural materials translate to this kind of mattress retaining its shape and form for years to come.

Poor Quality Futon Covers Will Create A Nightmare In Your Home

A futon cover made from materials that are not up to the use it’s likely to get from spills and your friends and family sprawling and spilling who know’s what, will be a waste of your hard earned cash.

Instead look for a cover made from 100% cotton drill or an upholstery weight Chenille that will protect the mattress. If you intend to use the futon for sitting more than sleeping then a removable cover is going to keep your futon looking fresh and clean at all times.

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