Highest Quality Guarantee


Highest Quality Guarantee in numbers

40 years since parent company Mirthglen Ltd. incorporated (1980)

20 years of futonsonline.co.uk trading online (1999)

2500+ orders delivered in last 8+ years

And throughout those 20 years of customer service there have been:

0 Refunds for problems with delivered futon furniture.
Because The frames and mattresses are carefully made and checked before dispatch to eliminate issues

What can go wrong

6 Courier issues: late delivery related issues.
Even though we have good relationships with our couriers, of course deliveries can occasionally get delayed,
but if they do they will return the next working day.

3 Damaged pieces inside boxes.
And then when this has happened we have been able to dispatch replacement parts. The way the frames are constructed allows individual pieces to be replaced. Generally it’s not necessary to send whole frames or sections but of course we would do so if that’s the only way to solve a problem


125+ Pieces of positive feedback

And only…
1 Piece of Negative feedback

If for any reason an issue crops up relating to your order and its delivery you can be sure we’ll do everything possible to resolve that issue speedily and in a friendly manner.

Issues can crop up but thankfully as the numbers above show they happen on an infrequent basis. We are very proud of this record and always strive to keep high standards. Delivery of a customers order is of paramount importance. The problem is that once we hand over boxes or parcels to a courier we lose control. Consequently we are left with being in their hands.

When a problem rears up please remember to read the Terms and Conditions. We will want to help so please do not hesitate to get in touch and remember take a picture. We need a picture to show our suppliers what problem has arisen.

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