How having a day bed could help with napping


It’s a well-known fact that a midday nap can increase work rate, improve mood and power you up for a productive afternoon. Plenty of European cultures have the siesta built into their daily life; even without the burning day time sun that gives hotter climates a good reason to take a break.

UK workers are well advised to consider doing the same. Many large corporations now acknowledge and encourage the right to nap in the working day and provide the time and facilities for employees to take  40 winks if required.

If you work at home or own your own office, then you can make it easy to grab a power nap by incorporating a day bed into your furniture. The Zeal  Multifunctional Day bed looks like a sofa and is a perfect seat for a client, but can be swiftly converted into a bed should you have the time or need for a rejuvenating snooze. Its slim design and small footprint means it won’t take up much space in an office or guest room and it can be used in a variety of ways.

The Zeal can change its function and become a recliner, chaise or completely flat day bed. Dressing it up with an unobtrusive throw or two and a comfortable bolster cushion will mean you have some bedding to hand that will also protect the sofa and keep it fresh for visitors. It’s an elegant solution to the post lunch yawn attack or the unexpected sleepover visitor.

If space or disguising your day bed is not a priority, then the Napper Day Bed may be the perfect fit for you. Full length, sleek and sophisticated, it is the perfect answer to stretch out for a quick nap and will look wonderful at home or in the office. The strong, specially sprung mattress ensures comfort and there’s a variety of textile coverings to choose from and the finishing touch are oak legs that scream elegance.

It can work beautifully as additional seating, somewhere to grab a quick rest, a place to pop a toddler down for a nap or as your regular ‘thinking spot’, the type of thinking best done with your eyes closed.

When we are at home, it is easy to think that a power nap in your own bed is an adequate solution; however this can cause sleeping issues at bedtime. It is not ideal to confuse proper night time rest environments with short nap sleeping when our brain needs to take just a brief recharge. In the comfort and warmth of our own bed, it is easy to sleep too long and lose an afternoon by accident. A day bed is the perfect solution.

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