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How The Modern Futon Can Double The Number Of Bedrooms In Your Home

Most of us don’t live in mansions, or huge six bedroom houses. But most of us still have the same number of family or friends regardless of whether we live in a big home or a small one.

Wouldn’t it be great to invite family or friends over and offer them a bed for the night and not worry if there’s enough space for everyone? Let’s say a couple have travelled quite some distance and definitely want a bed for the night. Then sometimes you might face the awkward choice of keeping numbers down or not inviting several people round for the evening. Having to make a choice on who stays, and who goes home can lead to “party misery”.

Let’s be honest, it’s no fun choosing between friends and dealing with the dilemma of who will you offer a bed for the night, and who will you ask to sleep in a hotel?

These problems can sometimes mean that we don’t entertain at all. Because we don’t want to offend people, or have to make decisions which could be seen as a popularity contest, and if space is tight many of us just decide not to entertain at home.

Futon Sofa Beds Are The Answer To Your Entertaining Problems

Many people have areas of their homes which are underused. It could be the office room, which although may be quite big, couldn’t fit a bed. And, you wouldn’t want a bed in your office anyway.

Or perhaps you have a large kitchen, and have a small sofa tucked away in a corner.

Many people have large living rooms, and as well as their main living room furniture, also have a small sofa, away from the TV.

You could even look at your conservatory space. Especially if you have a non-see-through roof,  how could you better use the space there?

Many of these areas could be perfect for exchanging what is there now, for a modern, well designed, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing futon sofa bed.

How Many Extra Bedrooms Can You Get Into Your House?

Modern futon furniture is well designed and uses quality materials this means comfort both for sitting and sleeping.

If you are thinking of upgrading your main living room furniture, could you make one of your sofas a futon instead?

Look at that dead space around your house, could you get a two seat double futon sofa bed into one of those spaces?

Many of us could squeeze one, two, or even three extra beds into our home, without sacrificing  day-to-day comfort, simply by using space in a better way and replacing regular sofa’s with futon sofa beds.

It’s this flexibility that makes the futon an increasingly popular choice for people who want to squeeze more sleeping space out of their homes.

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