How To Spot The Best Value For Money Futon Sofa Bed

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they choose a futon sofa bed for their home is to judge its suitability purely on one of these two areas:

  1. If guests are just going to sleep on it for one night, it doesn’t really matter how comfortable it is.
  2. A futon at the budget end of the market cannot be that different from the mid range one.

The problem is, that basing your decision on the assumption a very occasional use, or purely on finding the lowest price possible, can lead to problems in the future.

How Bad Can It Be If I Buy A Cheap Futon Sofa Bed?

Firstly, a budget futon sofa bed will not last long. It will be cheaply made with substandard timber, or very weak tubular metal construction.

The futon mattress will be cheaply filled and its cover non-changeable.

These two problems mean that even with light use it will quickly look and feel inadequate.

If you base your buying decision on price alone, or the assumption that cheap will do for occasional use, then you could find your spending the same money or more a couple years down the line.

So How Do I Spot A Good Value For Money Futon Sofa Bed?

The first key tip is to look in the mid-price range. This means doing some research to find out what that price range is.

In the UK, a cheap sofa bed is going to cost you £300 or less. A luxury futon sofa bed could cost you as much as £700.

So you should be initially looking at the specifications in that mid range, the £400-£600 range.

From that point, you can compare specifications across suppliers and depending on what you find, and the price you are willing to, and can pay, your price range will slide up or down from that initial starting point.

Look For Quality Materials In Your Futon Sofa Bed

Your visitors will want a good sleep and something comfy to sit on. And you won’t want to be embarrassed by offering them a bed that you know gives uncomfortable and sub-standard sleep.

So the quality of the futon mattress is key. It needs to be of a good density, supportive and made from high quality materials. The most modern futon mattresses use layers of different fillings for the best support this also offers options for how firm you’d like your mattress to feel.

In terms of the frame, it is recommended you always look for a high quality wooden or metal construction.

Aim to get a hardwood frame, made from quality timber such as American Oak or Rubberwood. An alternative is FSC Redwood Pine, timber that is grown sustainably by ecologically aware companies.

Using just the few tips contained here, you will find you are able to start your search for a new futon sofa bed from a dramatically more informed position.

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