How-To Videos

The main purpose of this page is to make your life easier. You will find different types of video. How to assemble the types of wooden futon frame namely bi fold and tri fold. How to convert various frames from sofa bed to bed and vice versa. Included are both wood and metal futon frames Videos that are informative about topical subjects such as chemical free textiles or help with apnea.

As modern living makes every scrap of space critical there’s a video showing how to get a futon frame into a loft. The videos are quite short, about a minute to a minute and a half so we try to pack the visual information in as the old saying goes short and sweet. Other videos show varieties of sleep issues such as snoring.


If you have had the opportunity to look at any of the videos and they have been of use then we have done our job.  But, if you feel there’s a subject that will help in any way please let us know and we will try to cover the subject. The idea of how to information is absolutely how we want to help our customers and prospects. Just use the email address at the bottom left hand corner on any of the web pages. Or feel free to call Keith on 020 7223 7212.

If you are a customer who in the course of assembly has an image please share. A short clip you would like to share, please send. We would be most happy to post it on the site. Anything at all that helps the user experience. We want to help and make sure you and your family have available information so please get in touch.

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