Karup Masterbook 2019

Karup fun

Karup Masterbook 2019 points to an innovative Danish company that is forward thinking and offers creative products. Since the 1970’s this family orientated company has specialised in using eco friendly principles. For many years futon furniture was at the heart of the business. The wooden futon and bed frames now have a prestigious kite mark FSC® .

Steadily and surely other types of floor seating are shown in the Karup Masterbook. Furthermore these type of products were sold throughout Europe at reasonable prices. The masterbook showcases the range. Being established for so long is an asset when attracting new talent to the business. Success and growth are symbiotic drivers of a forward looking company and Karup is exactly that

Karup Market

First time buyers on the property market, young couples making their first apartment cosy and stylish are Karup customers. 2019 boasts an expanded range that includes cabinets and other storage pieces for the modern home.

The past year has seen the Masterbook grow exponentially. Therefore the focus for trading has shifted towards the internet. The web and many new outlets for their range is driving the business forward. Easy to use tools for the website and making sure the stockists are all on the same page is critical. At the heart of all the changes lies the Karup Masterbook 2019.

Karup Future

Looking forward to another new range of products and textiles in 2020. These changes will sit side by side with new mattresses and fillings for the exemplary seating. Fun products for all the family, adults and children is the focus. These changes are overseen by an expanded boardroom who see the value of their frontispiece Masterbook.

It’s exciting times within the company who will soon be celebrating 50 years in business. That excitement transfers to stockists and agents and all those who are connected to Karup. I for one look forward to the next edition.

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