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Karup Design

Karup Design is a Danish manufacturing company founded nearly 50 years ago. Started and remains a family based business that at heart believes in protecting the environment and using eco friendly principles. The timber used to produce the range bears an FSC® kite mark. This is a distinction hard to earn and if you click the link more information becomes available.

Logo_KarupDesignModern living forces us to consider space saving ideas. The unique designs from Karup Design are delivered from reliable production facilities to a high quality and affordable prices. When we think of Scandinavian Pine furniture there’s no better brand than Karup Design.

Their furniture is expressive and every year new designs are shown at furniture fairs and shows.  The responses from these events are critical and if positive will be given a green light for production. Keeping designs simple and easy to use as the videos demonstrate is a core principle of the business.

The practical nature of the designs means they function not only as beds but sofas or loungers as well.  Multi functional furniture is a crucial concern for the modern consumer. The sofa bed frames are offered in a variety of environmentally friendly stains. Shades include White, Black, Cool Grey and Clear. Wherever you use Karup designs in your home you will know that your sleeping and sitting needs are catered for in a comfortable way.

Why Karup ?

Karup Design collaborate with talented graduates that have their fingers on the pulse.