Keeping Your Futon Cover in Good Shape.

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If your futon is a main part of your living room furniture, taking some extra precautions to keep the cover in good condition is a great idea. The basic mattress cover is non-removal on most futons and adding a casing is the perfect way to add longevity. A futon casing can be coloured or patterned or in a number of speciality fabrics such a chenille or suede, making it an ideal way to further personalise your futon with a colour and feel that makes it unique to your room design.

A linen casing will add a robust layer of protection to a futon mattress and can be removed to be washed as often as you need it to be. If your futon is in a home with children or pets, a removable layer to protect your investment in a piece of furniture is vital as fluff, fur and fingerprints will soon damage it and a spilled drink is no fun to scrub out of fabric. Casings are relatively cheap and having 2 or 3 of them in varying colours is a fantastic way to re-theme your room according to season, trend or whim.

Futon mattresses, particularly good quality futon mattresses, can be heavy and while a removable futon cover is the best protection you can offer it, you may even want to protect that too. Current trends are for throws and blankets to dress up furniture and add a comforting layer of colour and snuggle value to a room. While you can certainly buy gorgeous versions of both, you might end up protecting them to keep them nice too, so consider repurposing charity shop finds and change them regularly to keep the room fresh and quirky. If your futon tucked in a spare room, loading it up with blankets makes it an ideal retreat for some quiet time with a book, a quick snooze or a speedy visitor space.

An interesting idea, particularly if you have pets that shed fur, is to make your own cover in a lightweight material. Choose sheeting that drapes over and tucks under your futon and hem it to keep the edges neat. Then add elastic, in a similar style to a fitted bed sheet, to the corners. Depending on the size of your futon, good quality fitted bedding in a queen or super king size may work for this too.

Protecting your futon will have long term benefits, making it pleasanter to sit on and sleep on and making it possible to freshen it up instantly after guests have stayed so choose your cover wisely and add some style and protection in one.

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