Learn How To Spot A High Quality Futon Mattress

It’s a sad fact that when people are choosing a futon mattress they often pay little regard to how it will feel when somebody lays on it.

Even when choosing a replacement mattress for their futon frame, this key consideration can still be overlooked.

This blind spot seems to be generated by the mentality that as it will only be used occasionally, price is almost always the driving factor in the purchasing decision.

This is a poor strategy for two reasons:

1. The mattress will deteriorate to the point where comfortable sleep is impossible in a relatively short space of time.

2. People using the mattress may experience a poor quality sleep, and this lack of quality will increase over time.

Carefully Consider The Fillings Of A Futon Sofa Bed Mattress

Mattresses constructed entirely from man-made materials are often cheaper, but usually do not have the same longevity as a naturally filled futon mattress.

Man-made fillings tend to become compacted or uneven quite quickly, making it impossible for the mattress to retain its shape and form. Sooner rather than later this can lead to the mattress becoming unbearably hard to lay on.

So it’s best to look for a mattress that contains mostly natural filling materials. Ideally, it will contain a combination of fillings in layers.

High-quality futon mattresses tend to have multi-material layers, these days it will often include latex, high density foam and increasingly pocket springs.

The innovation of using low profile pocket springs is something many of our high quality mattresses at futonsonline.co.uk contain. They are constructed using high quality steel springs that are encased in its own individual pocket, this layer is used as the central core of the mattress and either side are layers of other materials that create a highly refined level of comfort.

Look For A Mattress That Meets Fire Safety Standards

Futons Online only sell futon mattresses that meet the UK’s rigorous safety and quality standards.

Wherever you are buying a futon mattress, you should always look at the labels or swing tickets to make sure it is not an inferior quality item.

If the labels do not make it clear exactly what standards a mattress meets, always ask. A reputable seller will never try to gloss over the details of customer’s rights.

Essentially, it should have clear labelling relating to the 1988 UK fire retardant regulations. Cheap mattresses will not display this information clearly.

There may also be labels telling you exactly what filling materials are used, as well as information on the sustainability of the materials used. For instance our Danish wooden frames uses FSC timber that is grown in forests where re planting after the felling of trees is mandatory.

It’s Best To Get Expert Advice On Your Futon Mattress Purchase

Although you can get lucky, nothing will reassure you more than knowing you are making the best buying decision because you are talking to an expert.

Just searching the Internet and hitting the buy button on the first futon mattress that fits your perceived price point is a poor strategy.

We are always happy to carefully advise you on your futon mattress purchase either face-to-face, or over the phone.

So to ensure you make great financial and quality buying decisions, please browse the mattress range on our website, or call us on 020 7223 7212 .


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