Make Your Home Perfect for Guests

Perfect room for guests

As the holiday season ends for another year and our homes return to normal, it’s worth considering some of the difficulties that arise when trying to find places to sleep the family members and friends with whom we share special occasions. Many homes no longer have the luxury of a designated spare bedroom as working from home often means using that space as an office.

Larger families, children who take longer to leave home than was typical ten years ago and smaller houses cut into the old fashioned idea of a perfectly made up room especially for guests; an additional, occasionally used bed may be pushed out in favour of more living space or even a room for a lodger.

The New Year is the perfect time to contemplate a more creative use for furniture.  If you are considering taking advantage of the sales and time off work to redecorate and remodel part of your home, think through some of the more imaginative ways of incorporating discreet additional sleeping spaces. A day bed fits seamlessly into a room, providing sleek seating accommodation and can often be configured into a chaise longue as well as a bed for a guest. Whether in your main room or as a bed for a teenager who returns from university in the holidays, they have many advantages over a standard bed. Young adults may particularly like them as they can easily convert a room into living space during the day, making it a perfect retreat from family noise when friends visit.

Ensuring you have flexible guest bed options does present the problem of how to adequately store bedding for visitors to use. A sofa bed with storage built in to the frame has the benefit of allowing pillows and blankets to be discreetly available when required without taking up additional space in your cupboards. Alternatively, it can be the perfect way to keep frequently used but messy items, such as magazines, remote controls and DVDs from cluttering up an otherwise attractive room.

Fitting an additional bed into a child’s room can also be easily done. Multi-functional day beds slide out from underneath the main mattress to produce a double bed option. Alternatively slim futon chair frames are predominantly seating in a room but have the ability to convert into a small bed when needed.

There are plenty of options for any size of house and room; even a box room can become an office and spare room in one with the right furniture. Take some time to look at your home with fresh eyes and see where the clever use of furniture could simplify entertaining and make having guests in your home fun and relaxing for all.

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