Mattress Types


Plan ahead

Mattress types are the point of the graph. The aim is to offer a helping hand to those interested in finding about futon mattresses.

Firstly, the departure of this journey is always the same. Measure the space you have devoted for your intended sofa bed or bed.

Always remember to take into consideration that you may need to “pull out” the frame. Avoiding clutter around the sofa bed or bed will help enormously. Doing the reverse of pulling out a wooden sofa bed has to be done from the back of the frame. All futon mattress types are never “light” therefore bear in mind moving beds and sofa beds is better with two people.

Mattress Sizes

There are x 5 standard sizes in the UK for beds, sofa beds and bedding. The two single sizes are called “trifold” mattresses. These fold across their width twice¬† and always have the same length. Single mattresses are for use on Day Beds, Beds and Sofa Beds.

The graph indicates that all the other sizes are Bifold. This means they fold along their length once so are able to be in use on 3 seat sofa beds and bed frames. Mattresses of this type can be thicker and also have different functionality. Most noteworthy is how your mattress “feels”. This is very subjective but broadly we refer to a few categories. The firmest mattress type has a core of coir, a bi product of coconuts that’s held together by latex.

The softest type has a pocket sprung core and like most bifolds has two filling options. Either “cotton rich” filling or wool felt.

Mattress Options

In between firmest and soft are versatile Medium bifold mattresses suitable for beds and sofa beds. Everyday use for all these futons is implicit. Expect 7 – 9 years everyday use from the examples illustrated.


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