Mattresses – has your futon seen better days but the frame is still OK? The simple solution is a replacement futon mattress.

  • How you feel about your mattress usually defies easy description as all thoughts are subjective. But there’s a wide range of sizes and fillings to ensure there’s something to suit your particular requirements.
  • The past 30 years has seen a massive improvement in the overall quality of futon mattresses. Better, more varied fillings are now lighter and stronger.
  • Therefore greater variety in the range gives scope to provide solutions for customers with individual needs. Another point is most of our fillings are natural but we do use man made materials where appropriate.
  • If a customer asks for a futon mats that needs a particular feature, we try to oblige and in different sizes.
  • Our mattress covers are precision cut to size.
  • Finished mattresses are compressed to avoid compacting and lumpiness.
  • Also it’s hand finished and made in the UK.
  • Videos demonstrate the care we like to take in providing naturally filled futon mattresses that are manageable and flexible.

We like to be responsive and helpful. So if you have a question please email: or call 020 7223 7212.

Bed Matts

  • We believe it’s important to offer natural, healthy fillings for mattresses.
  • Our bed mattresses must be comfortable and affordable, a formidable challenge.
  • Many of the futon mattresses we offer are perfectly fine for bed bases that have slats. They are crucial, so air can circulate and help dry out retained moisture.
  • Besides x 5 standard sizes we also offer a Bespoke service. Consequently if you have an old or unusual size bed frame we will be pleased to help you.
  • The way a mattress “feels” is tricky to describe. But broadly speaking we use combinations of fillings to give you plenty of options. While “soft” is made with pocket springs, very firm means we will use Coir.
  • Let us know what you require and together we can figure out a solution.

Chemical Free Bed Mattresses

  • The past few years has seen massive growth in the public’s interest in environmental and health issues.
  • During this period our mattress maker has been researching ways to find natural solutions for this debate.
  • In particular he has created a chemical free mattress covering.
  • 1980’s saw the UK put in place laws relating to fire retarding the flammability of products. This concerns us all, be it what we wear, what we sit and sleep on and much more besides.
  • These laws the government says are there to protect us from the ravages of fire in the home.
  • The trouble is the chemicals used in these household products are harmful to our health. Furthermore there are virtually no other countries that have similar laws.
  • The stringent tests at the heart of the current legislation have now been been passed in a chemical free way.
  • Our solution uses Organic Cotton and Lamb’s Wool. The combination of these natural products is the future for chemical free textiles. It has nothing to do with toxic compounds that harm health.
  • The combination used passes the highest required certification, I’m pleased to say.
  • Called CottonsafeĀ® this covering for our Futon and Bed mattresses is at an economical cost.
  • If you are interested in the debate that rages regarding Fire Retardants and their effects please look at the videos on these pages.
  • If you would like further information regarding our mattresses, please see our Ultimate Futon Buying Guide.
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