Natural Futon Mattress / manufacturer’s comments

The first Natural Futon Mattress in the UK
Double size Natural Futon Mattress

                               THE Natural Futon Mattress handmade in Devon by Cambridge Futons

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                                           Be Natural . . . Be Safe. . . No Chemicals used AT ALL!

Some manufacturers wrongly claim that their mattresses are completely “natural” and are legal under UK fire regulations. BUT WE KNOW DIFFERENTLY. Natural non-treated cotton covers DO NOT pass the fire regulations for a bed, sofa or futon. But every component of our Natural Futon Mattress has passed the most stringent Fire Retardency test in the UK, called Crib5.

At Cambridge Futons we have been working on developing a COMPLETELY NATURAL chemical free, MATTRESS that passes the fire regulations for bedding as well as the higher regulations for sofas and futons.

At last we have achieved our goal and produced a completely natural and safe, firm and supportive mattress that can be used on bed frames or on a sofabed.

How do we do this?

  • First we use a very special outer fabric which is a combination of Natural Lamb’s Wool combined with Hemp. This combination gives a strong but soft feel fiber that passes the Fire Retardency regulations naturally.
  • Top and bottom we add a pure Lamb’s Wool layer, a natural fire retardant.
  • Under this we use a mixture of Cotton and Wool, a beautifully soft combination that gives loft and protection.
  • Then we get to the heart of the mattress – where we use Coir fibre (organic coconut material) dipped in natural latex, when used together it makes a flexible layer, followed by more layers of the Cotton and Wool filling – all together 12 layers of material and filling.
  • All the layers are then compressed and held together with a 100% cotton tape and felt washers to finish this unique mattress.

The handmade   NATURAL CAMBRIDGE FUTON MATTRESS is manufactured near  Exeter in Devon. We have over 28 years of experience in manufacturing futon mattresses and we are delighted to now be able to offer this firm, supportive, COMPLETELY NATURAL, and SAFE mattress, whether its used on a regular bedframe or a futon sofa-bed this mattress is bliss to sit or sleep on.

For people who want the best of both worlds, a softer mattress with natural advantages,  we can add a layer of quality pocket springs. Buried in the very centre of the mattress, these springs are then covered with the natural fillings mentioned above to produce a chemical free, natural mattress (apart from the springs) with a soft feel.

Two versions of what is a superb natural futon mattress.

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