Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are few in number but all share a commitment to create exceptional products.

My story and Sofa Beds starts in 1980 in Denmark.

  • First of all the bed frame supplier is called Karup Design and they are a Danish company.
  • My upholstery sofa bed range manufacturer is Innovation Living. Another Danish company and most noteworthy a global brand.
  • For a long time I was a retailer. Both brands Karup Design & Innovation Living brought brilliant design at a realistic price to my shop floor.
  • Being able to offer customers great value for money is critical to me. As a result trying to be fair to my customers is also important.
  • Karup Partners is a company that manufactures their futon furniture and bed frames with FSC certified timber. This emphasises the care and attention given to their products. Colourful textile colours and on trend designs that includes an annual revision within the range.
    Karup only use FSC timber and the integrity associated with that kite mark shows the values this generational family business adhere too.

Danish connections

  • Innovation Living are based in Central Denmark. I feel on solid ground saying they are the masters of Ready to Assemble (rta) furniture. Scandinavia in the mid ’70’s was developing more ways to decorate and add elements of fun to home decoration. Hence this modern outlook fostered brands such as Ikea, Habitat and products like Bean Bags and Futons. More disposable income gave opportunities for adults and teenagers to break the shackles and the post war depressive nature of society.
  • Innovation remain a progressive company with great design talent allied to astute business acumen. Especially relevant the company is proud of their ecological principles.  Also a zero waste policy is testament to their environmental sensibilities. With factories on three continents there is a seamless transition every year regarding new designs. Consequently new models come off the drawing board, are tested and the most promising go into the collections.
  • In addition the brand is now a global entity and Innovation A/S export to nearly 50 countries.
UK suppliers
  • Supply of Futon Furniture is mainly by Cambridge Futons. This operation has several decades of experience in the niche. Due to that they have high standards and  that leads them to make comfy thick futon mattresses. Most of all they pay attention to detail. Their UK made mattresses have a hand finish and furthermore chemical free fillings.  On average the futon mattresses give about 10 years comfy sitting and sleeping. Many types of textiles and colours give decor opportunities around the home and in addition at an affordable price.
  • Cambridge Futons has spent the past few years developing a completely chemical free textile. Finally it was able to pass the highest Fire Redardent laws in the UK. The fabric is called Cottonsafe®  and uses a combination of organic cotton and lamb’s wool. Therefore  the use can be for futon and also bed mattress covers.
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedding comes from a traditional English family operating in Berkshire. We concentrate on pillow cases, duvets and other natural products. Hopefully helping people in their quest for interesting home products that don’t break the bank.
  • Finally all the suppliers understand my Free Delivery policy and desire to sell products that have comfort, style and value for money..

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