Polyester, where do we use it?

  • We mix our cotton filling with pure polyester.
  • Also we use the polyester in our covers to improve their performance and stability.
  • All of our cotton fillings and fibres use a degree of Polyester as it keeps the cotton fibre from tangling and knotting.
  • It increases loft thickness and allows more air to pass through the fibres.
  • It reduces dust and helps body moisture evaporation.
  • And it also stops the cotton layers from pulling or breaking apart.
  • These Polyester fibres are sometimes spun together with natural fibers to produce a material that blend properties. Cotton and poly blends can be strong, wrinkle and tear resistant, and consequently reduce shrinking.
  • Synthetic fibres using polyester have high water, wind and environmental resistance in comparison to plant-derived fibres.
  • They are less fire resistant and can melt when flames are present.

A little background

Some Poly blends have been renamed to suggest their similarity or even superiority to natural fibres. For example there are some varieties of Chinese silk that are caught up in the confusion. Chinese silk is a deceptive term in the textiles industry for a synthetic fibre woven to resemble the sheen and durability of insect-derived silk. Therefore, be aware that China silk is polyester or a poly-rayon blend.

Encyclopedia sources state that natural polyesters maybe have been a part in the origins of life. Long simple polyester chains and without a membrane element are known to easily form without any other elements needed under simple conditions.

So we see that these fibres have many uses inside fabrics and mattresses. Furthermore in combination with countless materials they have found their way into our lives. Why polyester is seen to be a negative is hard to say but it seems unfair.

Cotton, wool and other natural fibres are a scare commodity and often difficult to recycle. Water in huge amounts is needed to process natural fibres whereas Poly fibres have little to do with water.



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