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Goose Feather & Down Quilts

Natural Goose feather and down has been used down the ages as a filling for bedding products such as pillows and duvets. The various qualities include durability, lightness and softness so when considered together they offer a product that delivers fantastic value for money because if you look after your Goose feather and Down it will last decades.

Another virtue of this natural filling is that it will let excess humidity created by sleeping bodies disperse and escape, consequently helping you feel you’ve had restorative rest when you wake up.

What is Down? This is the very light, soft under plumage that is found under the outside feathers of Geese and Ducks. Imagine a tiny duckling; these little birds have no feathers only down. With that image in mind it’s easy to see why nature creates this wonderful resilient insulating material. Down allows air to be trapped and then it acts as a thermal barrier to protect vulnerable young creatures from low temperatures. It’s not difficult to see why Down is expensive; it’s a rare and valuable commodity being light, soft and when used in a duvet incredibly warm. Feathers play their part and are efficient in delivering similar properties to down but have a quill and eventually this will lose its ability to offer support, trap air and be resilient.

We all perspire when sleeping and that moisture can make bedding feel damp and not smell very nice either. Therefore it’s important to make sure all your bedding is dried thoroughly and pillows and mattresses aired regularly. The life of your pillows can be extended by caring for them and by doing this it can help them not succumbing to compression as would be the case otherwise.

Another area that can lead to discolouration and moisture on your bedding is Bath Oils and Lotions. This has a long term effect and slowly a yellowing of the outer cases of your bedding. We all have natural oils in our skin and these will also contribute to a yellowing of casings but much more slowly.

If you choose a Goose Feather and Down Duvet or Pillow you can be assured of a quality product that gives warmth and is light, best of all it will last a long time and therefore be worth a little extra cost up front.

Goose Feather & Down Quilts

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